New: Romcom SNAFU, Date A Live, Leviatan


My Teenage Romcom SNAFU (damned if I’m going to write out the entire Japanese name) might be worth keeping. It’s sort of like Haganai with one key difference: the male lead doesn’t want to be in the club. The fact that his teacher is forcing him to join this volunteer services agency adds a level of resentment to the already sullen Hachiman. Oh, that’s another difference. Unlike Kodaka, who is decent but misunderstood, Hachiman pretty much deserves the negative reputation he has. Already in the club is Yukino, who has a sharper tongue than Yozora (if that’s possible) but can’t quite match her haughty voice. Also joining the club whether the others want her or not is Yui, who doesn’t seem to have any social issues. So far so good. Yukino can certainly dish it out, and Hachiman has the honesty to admit to himself when she scores a point and the confidence to call her out when she’s saying bullshit. Good start.

I can't count the number of times I've wanted to ask a character that.
I can’t count the number of times I’ve wanted to ask a character that.

I’m going to keep Date A Live for at least another episode because of the weirdness. We start with a thirty-year flashback, the first “spacequake,” and shots of cities being ripped apart, cars and pedestrians blown away, etc. So now that we know what type of show we have here, it does the opposite, a typical romcom scene of a genki imouto waking up oniichan (Shido, our hero), first day of school, perverted sidekicks, quiet genius girl, the lot. Oh, they sometimes get spacequakes, too. In fact, there’s a big one coming, and Shido gets caught in it while trying to find Kotori, the genki little sister. Then it gets weird, as battling girls appear in the wreckage, Shido gets rescued and recruited by, well, I won’t say, and by the end he’s being trained to romance the battling girls with a dating sim. Why Shido? No explanation. As I said, the WTF elements won me over this episode. It’s such an odd combination of Earth survival (the spacequakes are disturbingly violent) and silly HS comedy that I want to know the details. I figure after that I’ll probably drop it.


The world is threatened by things in Settai Bouei Leviatan too, but in this show, apart from Syrup, none of the characters seem to care too much. The three fairies or whatever the hell they are, Leviatan Jorgamund and Bahamut are just knocking about, practicing their spells (and sucking at it), chasing giant bugs around for no reason, when Syrup shows up and tells Leviatan there’s a big threat. We saw this threat at the beginning along with a voiceover spouting biblical legends mixed with a lot of other stuff. And, in what is apparently a running gag, Syrup’s hungry. Those who intend to follow this series (and I am not one of them) better get used to stomach rumbles. Let’s see, the fairies live in a tiny village but have never met before, that is, until some goons get pissed off at them and we have a fight, and that wraps up the episode. Its cheap animation, deadly, clumsy writing, and overall lack of imagination place this show at the level of such masterpieces as Campenella and Shining Bread, er, Hearts. Dropped.


2 thoughts on “New: Romcom SNAFU, Date A Live, Leviatan

  1. “I figure after that I’ll probably drop it.”

    If, going by spoilers drifting around in LN threads is any indication, I think that it’ll take an entire season to learn even part of the story of Date a Live.

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