New: Muromi-san, and sort of new: Ore no Imouto etc 2

Beginning season two of Ore no Imouto was a good palate cleanser after Attack on Titan.

As usual.
As usual.

Even if not much really happened. All the episode really tries to do is settle Kirino back into life at home, reintroduce us to all the characters, and update a few plot points, for which I’m grateful because I forgot a lot of what happened. Kyosuke has two worries: he’s worried that he’s hurt his relationship with his sister by forcing her to come back (Force her? I thought she agreed to), and he’s wondering where his relationship with Kuroneko stands now. Kuroneko, meanwhile, despite having little to do this episode, manages to remind us why she became arguably the show’s most popular character. Whatever story arc they’ve got planned can start next week. I don’t mind.

Muromi has just let loose a bad pun involving starfish.
Muromi has just let loose a bad pun involving starfish.

Namiuchigiwa no Muromi-san wastes no time in getting ridiculous. The first thing that happens is a boy named Takurou catches a mermaid, Muromi, while fishing. He shows absolutely no surprise in doing this. Muromi, once he gets the hook out of her mouth, proceeds to eat all his bait and go on a spiel of bad jokes and puns that Takurou doesn’t laugh at, though I found the whole situation kind of amusing. I like the various faces Muromi puts on. I like some of her stories about things you find underwater and Takurou’s confusion about what’s real and not. And the OP promises that the show will eventually go insane, or inane. I’ll keep an eye on it for the cheap laughs.

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