New: Gargantia, also Nyaruko-san W

The first half of the show.
The first half of the show.

Suisei no Gargantia may or may not fall into some routine space robot category, but the first episode is very promising. Ledo is a a pilot helping to defend the galaxy-wide human race against some nasty aliens who have a penchant for undersea motifs (starfish, snails) in their craft. We see him wake up just in time for another battle (it’s all the same to him), and it’s a great light show with lots of action, fighting in beautifully choreographed formation, that takes up half the episode before his side has to retreat and he doesn’t get back to the wormhole in time, or something, and the series actually starts.

The second half.
The second half.

After what we’ve already seen it’s a bit jarring to see normal, average non-soldier types goofing around and failing to open up the robot suit Ledo’s in. It’s jarring to Ledo, too, being inside the suit and having little experience with anyone who’s not a fellow soldier, or an enemy. That must be why his first act upon leaving the suit is to abduct a girl, Amy, as a hostage, and run away, rather than just maybe talk to them, maybe moving the suit a little. I mean, it’s clear the primitive humans around him now don’t have the weaponry his suit has. He should have just stayed in it. Never mind, it’s an amusing sequence and now we know the basic setup. It’s a promising episode. It looks great and it’s well-written (apart from Ledo’s lapse in common sense) and directed.

BL Doujinshi starring Mahiro, that is.
BL Doujinshi starring Mahiro, that is.

Haiyore! Nyaruko-san returns with a W attached to it. This episode is a typical season 2 episode opener; not much happens except the characters are re-established and the basic premise is reintroduced, and as usual it’s done with a batch of innuendos, rapid-fire gags, and references to both Lovecraft and to other shows (AKB0048 gets extra love this episode). It’s enough to keep you watching even when things on the screen are getting pointless, i.e., most of the time. The little story this week involves an alien invader, I think. No one in the episode seemed to notice what with all all the shopping for eroge and the other things already mentioned. Kana Asumi sounds more over the top than first season, if that’s possible, and Miyu Matsuki’s work with her can still provoke hopeless giggling from me. Happy it’s back.

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