Aku no Hana 2, and a couple new shows I’ve already dropped

Aku no Hana 2 comes to us, and the real fun comes to Takao.

No!  Don't do it ... oh, never mind ...
No! Don’t do it … oh, never mind …

I’ve heard enough of the story to know what would happen next, Takao in the classroom, staring at Saeki’s gym bag, and knowing what would happen bring up assumptions, but the show doesn’t do the scene in quite the way I predicted. Takao almost resists completely and has his hand on the door when he stops and turns back around. I also didn’t expect that look of pleasure to come across his face. After that it returns to “normal” with his adolescent panic when he hears a noise, but it’s a good scene nonetheless.

Did you really?
Did you really?

The adolescent panic mode never really stops after that. I liked how, later, his father explains his odd behavior away on puberty. We’re supposed to think, I assume, that this is a superficial answer from a father that doesn’t really understand, but on the other hand, he’s right. Anyway, Takao tries to return the clothes but the pressure increases when it becomes a school scandal. What’s more, Nakamura has found out. This is interesting. At no time during the clothes-stealing scene did we see Nakamura anywhere. Some other show would have shown her head poking around a door, or, in a REALLY STUPID other show, out of a storage locker in the back. But in fact we have no evidence that Nakamura has anything on Takao at all. It’s possible that she accused him based on how he behaved when the teacher made the announcement, or maybe it was a wild guess, a random, inflammatory comment just to see how he reacted. If that’s the case, Bingo! So now Takao can either confess and become a school pariah, if he’s permitted to stay at all, or he can go home and write that essay that Nakamura told him to write. Meanwhile, we can start to speculate just how far Takao is willing to go with this. Good episode.


Arata Kangatari starts with prophetic words spoken by a (sounds like) young girl, while we view an average anime cosmic light show, but then we’re dumped into our own world where a boy named Arata struggles to get by in high school in spite of bullies and a new best friend who says behind his back that he isn’t. And at that moment we turn to … a fantasy world where the queen or priestess, well, the boss (and the one speaking at the beginning), is looking for a successor to her spiritual throne, and a boy named Arata will be presented, in spite of the fact they want a female. So now we have a comic, cross-dressing, epic fantasy going. Then the comic bit gets erased when the priestess’s guardians murder her and put the blame on Arata. So he’s on the run, and that is when the two boys switch places. I think there’s going to be stuff about the present-day Arata getting a spine and learning to trust people (his betraying friend was obviously being bullied into saying what he said). However, it’s not enough for me to keep watching, because of the competition. A lot of interesting shows this season.


Mushibugyou is a straightforward adventure story about Jinbei, the son of a samurai who comes to Edo to fight bugs for the bug extermination guild, or whatever. Big bugs. People-eating bugs spewing venom and webbing and other white fluids onto tied-up, big-boobed daughters of tea server. I suppose it’s not bad, though I wish they had directed the big rescue scene at the end a little better. All the giant bugs just sit there and wait until the good guys (your usual lot of ninjas, swordsmen, and magic users) get to them. On the other hand, Jinbei’s “country bumpkin in the big city for the first time” scenes were mercifully brief, and the bugs are rather nasty. Not bad. Not my cup of tea.

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