Aku no Hana 3

I haven’t read Aku no Hana, just seen some images posted. Right now I’m glad I haven’t, because it means I have no clue where the story is going next.

Which is uglier, what Nakamura's doing to Kasuga, or what this girl's doing to Nakamura?
Which is uglier, what Nakamura’s doing to Kasuga, or what this girl’s doing to Nakamura?

I had a thought while watching this episode that as it stands the situation is too constricted for it to continue as it appears to be doing, i.e., Nakamura leading Kasuga down to greater and greater depths of depravity while he spouts Baudelaire, or judging from what he’s got in his hand at the story’s end, PKD (and why?). They need to add something to this mix. At the end of the episode points toward it. Through no fault of Nakamura’s, ironically, Kasuga finds himself defending her against what looks to be mob behavior at its worst. Now it looks like fringes of the class might find themselves involved in this story. The moment itself is intriguing. Why did Kasuga stand up for Nakamura? Well, for one thing, he knows she’s innocent, on the other hand, he’s not the type to rise out of his chair like that. Maybe it’s what the class says, that he’s developed feelings for her, and there were indeed times in the episode where they framed Nakamura in more suggestive angles than they usually do. Or maybe it’s what Nakamura thinks, that they’re two fellow-deviants against a small, dull-minded town. Whatever the reason, the class is turning on him now, and I don’t know what’s going to happen because of it.


The episode’s other big moment was the sort-of ridiculous scene where Nakamura undresses Kasuga and dresses him again in Saeki’s gym clothes. I watched it I kept getting distracted by things like how big a wuss must he be to put up such a feeble fight, or is Nakamura blessed with Amazonian strength? I also expected Nakamura to run off with his regular clothes, but we don’t see what happens next, which I suppose is a relief. In the scene, Nakamura makes a sort of Declaration of Devianthood, I guess, but we already sort of knew she had it in her, so it didn’t have as much effect as it could have.

2 thoughts on “Aku no Hana 3

  1. I was also left wondering if Nakamura is secretly Wonder Woman or if Kasuga is just particularly physically weak for a teenage boy in this episode – although to be honest, Nakamura is obviously at least partially bonkers, and if someone suddenly flew into a kind of fit and tried to do the same to me, no doubt I’d also be more than a bit shell-shocked.

    1. That’s true. Being forcibly undressed in the school library isn’t something you normally mentally prepare for. Thinking about it, I think it was a combination of that along with a part of him maybe not enjoying the experience, but wondering where she was going with it. That AND being kind of a wuss, AND Nakamura looking like she’s capable of beating him up.

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