Aku no Hana 4, Muromi-san 3-4


The deviancy of the week in Aku no Hana 4 doesn’t have quite the shock value that last week’s did. Maybe because there was no violence involved in Kasuga’s wearing those gym clothes again, even if it is on a date with Saeki. In fact, it sort of fits right in. Kasuga is wearing his deviancy (a word I’m beginning to dislike) just beneath his clothes yet doing his best to hide it and do something completely normal. I could say, “but aren’t we all, really?” but that would be trite. Meanwhile, the two main girls in this show continue to surprise me with their behavior. While the class tries to ostracize Kasuga for standing up for Nakamura, Saeki rescues him and tells him she thought it was cool. Meanwhile, Nakamura still works within her own rules, and it’s unclear just what she’s getting out of it. Yet I’m not convinced she’s telling the entire truth when she insists she’s not jealous. I guess that’s what makes her an interesting character.


I thought about following this season’s unique show with its most inane, but I’m not in the mood for Photokano, so it’s Namiuchigiwa no Muromi-san instead. Four episodes in and I’m finding things to like. It seems to have no interest in going the traditional anime route and making Takurou a lonely sort who will be rescued by Muromi’s lust for life. He’s just a straight man on a pier. Episode one showed that there won’t be any real romance unless Takurou wants to fertilize eggs the fish way. The other characters hop in and out of the story before you can get tired of them, or even recognize them, really. And there’s some splendid comic (slapstick variety) voice-acting going on. It’s cute, violent, and funny, and at 15 minutes an episode it all happens so fast that the frantic jokes don’t wear you down.

The dreaded yeti.
A fearsome harpy.

Episode 3 has Hii trying to get Muromi to get over her hatred of aquatic mammals after she was unceremoniously dumped by one (maybe) millions of years ago. It’s not bad, especially if you like mermaid-on-dolphin violence. But episode 4 is better since it introduces Yeti, with her disgustingly cute voice, and her even more disgustingly cute new friend, who’s a harpy (though the rest of HER is just disgusting), who is also capable of great violence, especially to Muromi. Good fun. Maybe 15 minutes a pop is too short for this show, after all.

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