Gargantia 4-6

No matter how hard I try I fall behind in SOMEthing. This time it’s Suisei no Gargantia.


Episode 4 take the fish out of water story and gets a little annoying with it. We have the kid Bevel saying wise things the doctor couldn’t answer and thus marks himself for possible death later in the series, or at least to get endangered. Anyway, he asks questions that Ledo never thought of, and I’ll be generous here and assume it’s from conditioning rather than a basic lack of intelligence on Ledo’s part. When not talking with the philosophical savant, Ledo just sits around and lets Chamber earn his keep for him. I’m relieved that the community is savvy enough to charge him for Chamber storage, etc, but a little annoyed that they’re not more curious about them both. Considering the game-changing abilities these two bring, you figure someone in that place would want to take greater advantage of them than simply having Chamber move containers around. Still, a pleasant episode, and the only thing remotely involving plot was Bevel playing that tooth-flute and triggering a flashback that makes you wonder just how smart or conditioned Ledo is not to recognize it.


And it’s followed the even more pleasant and uneventful episode 5. This time around Ledo drops the philosophical musings and gets around to the practical matter of figuring out what he’s actually useful for on that ship. Chamber keeps telling him: nothing much. If he can’t fight he doesn’t have any skills at all. But the boy does indeed try to be of some use, just when the ocean calms and everyone decides to take a break. The point is made that Ledo has been accepted into the community, even if they’re not sure what to do with him yet. And we get the girls in swimsuits, something you pretty much expected would happen. And the flute metaphor is played again, so to speak. The question is, when will Ledo or Amy or whoever manage to get sound out of that thing, and in what circumstance, and what will it mean when they do?

The threat arrives!
The threat arrives!

But two episodes of peaceful times and Ledo trying to fit into a patient and helpful society is a bit much. All they can really show us in this state is more fish-out-of-water stories, or in this case, Ledo-in-water-and-sinking. Oh, they nudge the Ledo/Amy romance a bit, and her dance (the second one–the first one was just a tits and ass show) while Ledo watches was a lovely moment. Just the sort of moment that, in some other show, would get interrupted by some big danger, like Hideaze. Not here. They just go to visit Bevel and the doctor. No, when the threat does arrive, it comes, ironically, while Ledo’s doing something useful, and there’s only one of them. What’s more, we don’t know where it came from (the ship they’re salvaging?) or what it means. In other words, the danger, if it is a danger, doesn’t inspire any fear or alarm in anyone but Ledo, but instead raises questions.


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