Sevens: Gargantia, Titan

Suisei no Gargantia 7 ramps up the conflict quickly and efficiently.

The whalesquids swim underneath without harming them ...
The whalesquids swim underneath without harming them …

Just what we needed after two episodes of Ledo bumbling around the floating city trying to make himself useful and ensuing hilarity. We start with Ledo and Chamber killing a hideaze in spite of Bellows’ shouting not to, because it’s not a hideaze, but a whalesquid. We get some conflicting information after that concerning humanity’s relationship to these new creatures. First we’re told they’re sacred, but that angle isn’t brought up again. I’m relieved. I was afraid that either the humans would have to learn something about whalesquids or that the whalesquids ARE godly and will wreak revenge like any number of overdone SF concepts. After that the talk is about not pissing off the whalesquids because they’re badass and have some ability to organize, more practical than godliness, and just as dangerous. And I haven’t talked about whether the whalesquids are indeed hideaze, the concept that even if they are they evolved on earth to coexist, like the humans are doing. This is the most likely answer as it best suits the show’s plan to reform Ledo.


These questions work alongside the human concerns. Whatever they are, Ledo’s killing one shocks everybody, and those who know him well are shocked further that he shows absolutely no remorse. In fact, he wants to kill more. For the first time in a while we see his fixed mindset as something else than comic fodder, and it brings his relationship with Amy to a head. What’s more, Gargantia itself is turned on its head. First there’s the whole controversy, then that horde of whalesquids travel underneath the fleet in a tense scene, and then Pinion and Flange announce they’re off to do salvage work in whalesquid territory, i.e., they’re off to kill whalesquid. Pinion’s true reason for this “salvage job” feels fake; that and Fairlock’s sudden heart attack, but everything combined makes you wonder if killing that whalesquid did put a curse on Gargantia.

Attack on Titan 7 … Talk about questions …

Onward to certain death!
Onward to certain death!

The first half, after a brief and unneeded historical catch-up, was all about the soldiers stuck in front of the latest wall, running low on gas and unable to obtain more because the giants were crawling all over the place where they store the stuff (what idiot did the planning for this defense anyway?), and mainly about Mikasa trying to rally them with a “If you quit, you already lost” theme that worked great for her, but not so well on a bunch of despondent men and women who feel they’ve lost already. And she goes off on a suicide mission, which at least inspires them. We see some more of them die and more grow despondent, especially Armin, who was that way back in episode one. Then, right when Mikasa is about to be snatched up by a giant, a funny thing happens.

So were we.
So are we.

This giant who turns against the other giants, and who can fight like humans do, has a couple other differences. First, it has abs. All the other giants we’ve seen look like they ought to get out to the gym once in a while. It’s got longer hair, too, and pointed ears. Finally, it isn’t eating people. That is as remarkable as fighting the other giants. Mikasa describes it as a giantifation of humanity’s rage, and you can’t help but think of Eren. If a giant eats you do you become a giant yourself? I’m not buying it. Surely they would have noticed that by now. On the other hand, this isn’t the brightest colony of people I’ve ever encountered in fiction.


2 thoughts on “Sevens: Gargantia, Titan

  1. “On the other hand, this isn’t the brightest colony of people I’ve ever encountered in fiction.”

    This is very true indeed. The people in this show don’t appear to be very sensible at all.

    I’m sure you recall the dream Eren had, in which his father injected him with a bunch of unknown substances, and that will probably play a part in informing us about this berserker of a Titan. Since Eren is the main character, there’s no chance of him being dead just yet.

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