Chihayafuru S2 20, Railgun S 7

Sudo disses the team again.
Sudo disses the team again.

After several intense episodes Chihayafuru S2 20 finally comes up for air, and we have an episode with no match, apart from the first two cards of the individual match, which naturally don’t go so well for Chihaya. Her finger is injured enough (small fracture, or a chip, or something) that going for cards is intensely painful for her. Naturally, she decides to go left-handed … well, you can predict the result, though as I said, they’re only two cards in. So will this NOT be the year Chihaya faces Shinobou? At this point I don’t see how it could happen. Elsewhere we get the award presentation, a flashback scene, a strained meeting between Arata and Taichi (strained on Taichi’s side. Arata is oblivious), Sumire being goofy over Arata, lots of shots of other school’s players getting psyched up, and Shinobou being her wonderful, aloof, eccentric self. The usual.

And so, most of the episode is wasted.
And so, most of the episode is wasted.

The Sisters arc in Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S should be heating up, but you couldn’t tell it by episode 7, where the attention is divided into two parts, Misaka trying to take down the labs where the Sisters are being made, and everyone else being worried about Misaka. The former isn’t very interesting not because we know the story, but because it’s mainly happening offscreen, and the bad guys seem too bored to put up much of a fight, or rather, they’re waiting for the people who can put up a fight to show up. Unfortunately, that won’t happen until next week. The latter story has Kuroko obviously worrying about Misaka going out not telling her why, which makes Uiharu and Saten to worry about HER, sort of a subset of the original set of worry. It gets so pointless that they bring in a little girl searching for lucky cards and wind up searching for four-leaf clovers. And so, the episode is pretty much wasted.


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