Tens: Gargantia, Attack on Titan

Suisei no gargantia 10 is basically celebration, moping, and some weird philosophizing by a machine.


Pinion’s great future fleet of doom, I mean, excavation party, starts to uncover all sorts of juicy items from the whalesquid’s nest, and so we now have another area of conflict to work with. He figures since he (meaning Ledo and Chamber) drove out the whalesquids that everything down there is his. This drives a wedge between him and Flange, who objects to the message he sends to anyone in range, “We got the treasure, hahaha, and if you come around for any we’ll destroy you!” Flange was for eliminating the whalesquids but his goal is to lift mankind up through cooperation. Not only him, but everyone around Pinion seems taken aback from the man’s sudden greed. And we got maybe a future plot point when his fleet defeats a pirate group but lets those who want to help with the excavation and increase his forces. Let’s see how loyal they turn out to be.


Back on Gargantia everyone just mopes and sighs. Not much to say there. Meanwhile, Ledo isn’t over it yet, and we get a few shots of his imagination, where he kills cute little babies. He also mopes a lot and finds several places on the ship to do it on. Then we get a debate between Ledo and Chamber on the value of eliminating not only whalesquid, but Hideaze in general. Chamber claims that Hideaze are indeed augmented humans but that they’ve forsaken human civilization, no longer need it, really, while humanity still needs ships and all sort of gizmos just to survive out there. So we’re fighting for “the dignity of mankind.” At least, that’s what I got out of it. Never mind that none of what he says argues for the necessity of killing. Even Ledo thinks this is nutty thinking, but before the debate can continue we happily get new plot thing. I really hope that all this means humanity are the real bad guys; it’s never that simple, and here it would be a cop-out. Well, we’ll see what the big plot-thing at the end does to the discussion.

Like Gargantia, Shingeki no Kyojin 10 has no crazy action this week, but it starts with a scene as tense as many of the battles.


We learn a lot from the first few moments. We see how Eren is somehow connected through nerves or muscles to that giant carcass he created, and that he can tear himself free of them without any evident pain. But there’s also some stress to his body. But the three heroes have no time to process that information now, as the bearded, half-crazy commander is issuing orders to blast them to pieces as soon as the smoke clears. The smoke, however, lingers. Plenty of time for the three of them to try and figure this out. Eren presents two choices, run off and spare Mikasa and Armin, or have Armin step out and try to talk the army out of killing them. Which do you choose, Armin?

Who, me?
Who, me?

There follows two scenes, both intense, one annoying, the other kind of cool. In the first, Armin despairs over how he’s useless to everyone, a coward, all those things we’ve heard too many times, and we sigh “not again, Armin.” The next thing you know, Eren and Mikasa are looking at him, waiting for his decision, while the longest “twenty seconds” of fictional time I can remember tick away, minute by minute. Never mind what their trust does to his self-esteem, what’s really great is what happens next, as Armin steps out of the smoke and, with dozens of guns and at least one cannon pointed at him, all commanded by that crazed bearded guy, delivers the most righteous speech of the current anime season.

Not least for the facial distortions.
Not least for the facial expressions.

It’s a two-parter, the first being more of an appeal to facts, and when that doesn’t work, he goes full-on patriotic salute and shouting of plans to actually re-take the city, while the soundtrack lashes out with heavy military drums and horns. Excellent moment. Say what you want about Armin’s ability to fight. He’s got as much guts as any of them. And the episode doesn’t try to top that moment, just settles into preparation for Eren’s little excursion. Hopefully it’ll bring some action. You can’t depend on a righteous speech by Armin every episode.


2 thoughts on “Tens: Gargantia, Attack on Titan

  1. I remember reading about how Gargantia was supposed to be about encouraging young people (I’m guessing hikkikomori, in particular, who are mostly male) to integrate into society…

    Going by that assumption, that should suggest that the show wants to frame Pinion, The Alliance, and the space Hideauze as bad leaders who shouldn’t be in charge of society. The colonel Ledo knew of appears to have also landed on Earth, and the younger male might have to do something to signal a changing of the guard. The young people need to step it up, and who knows? If they do, they might be rewarded with a girlfriend as Ledo will. I wonder if there will even be a timeskip at the end where Ledo is portrayed as a father beaming with happiness as well as a completely changed man. Japan’s birth rates are a real problem, so the show could present some very light propaganda at the end about the joys of fatherhood. Of course, it’s possible that none of what I described will happen at all. I’m just listing a few options.

    • I hope you’re wrong about all of your speculations 🙂

      I suppose the role of Chamber is to be the really cool robot thing the hikkikomori are into, that he later must abandon. (I’m predicting a conflict between Ledo and Chamber. Chamber is probably programmed to refuse Ledo’s orders if he does anything deemed treasonous.)

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