Gargantia and Titan 12

Suisei no Gargantia 12 moved a lot faster than I thought it would. I wonder if this was a good thing.

Slowly it's getting through to Pinion.
Slowly it’s getting through to Pinion.

The first half is full of moments of disillusionment for just about everyone. Not much to it. The more Flange, Pinion, and Melty see of this enlightened theocracy the less they like it. Flange, of course, never bought it from the start, and Melty didn’t need much encouragement. Pinion, distracted as he is by shiny things, especially when they can blow stuff up, takes a little longer. The clincher, the sacrifice/execution of people into the water (falling in a ripple like they were synchronized swimmers) is too much for even him. Having one of them look vaguely like Bevel was a cheap shot, but Pinion isn’t the most sophisticated thinker in the world and needs all the help he can get.

Rackage dance.
Rackage dance.

After everyone’s made up their mind things get a little ridiculous. Melty is sent off in her little craft to warn Gargantia. I thought nothing of this at the time, but then when she’s in sight of home she suddenly does a nose dive. Turns out the flight was dangerously long, but we had no clue about the dangers. Instead I just thought “What’s she doing that for?” Then they talk about that key, a “stairway to heaven,” and I worried that there would be a Deus ex machina while wondering what Led Zeppelin had to do with anything, but it’s not mentioned again. Later, after Gargantia has decided not to run away, we get the big battle. The Ledo/Kugel one is good, and it comes as no surprise when Pinion helps out by firing his toys from the deck, though at the speed the robots are going how he can manage so many near-hits, well, its not believable. But it IS fun. What’s really unbelievable is that Gargantia is able to mount such a well-coordinated attack on Kugel’s army. Rackage raising hell I can understand, but not the Gargantia fleet. Again, fun, but not believable.


As for the big reveal, I half-called it. I suspected that Striker was calling the shots, but I thought Kugel acted too naturally for him to be fake. But then we open the cockpit and … what is it with Urobuchi and heads, anyway? This moment, alas, was marred, too, by the damaged Striker repeating Kugel’s earlier lines. It was a good tip-off dramatically, but I don’t think AIs would behave that way. I was also wrong about Chamber refusing Ledo’s orders, but it’s fully understandable that he remained loyal to Ledo. I’ll take my batting average as it stands. Anyway, ridiculous as it all was, it was still a fun episode with a lot of good moments, and it sets us up nicely for the finale next week.

Shingeki no Kyojin 12 is ridiculous, too, but in a more “Will they get on with it?” way.

The plan isn't going well.
The plan isn’t going well.

The big question on everyone’s mind this week is “Why did it take a swing at Mikasa?” Okay, no one knows, that’s actually a good answer. Who knows what goes inside those things’ heads, especially when they’re actually real people inside? So, after it injures itself going after Mikasa (in a way that in any other series would be a comic moment), the question is what to do now. We spend way too much time watching decisions being made, discussed, argued over, endless lines about sacrifice, and meanwhile the time ticks away and it becomes clear that we’re not going to get much farther than that this episode.

Eren's brain.
Inside Eren’s brain.

The closest thing to progress is Armin getting up to Eren’s giant and trying talk through the neck to him. The trouble is, Eren’s in a happy dreamland and doesn’t want to do anything. So we switch to Jean agonizing about being responsible for more deaths even while he’s running for his life, and just like last time I don’t really care. They haven’t done enough to make me. Get back to Armin and Eren, damn it! And when they finally do, and Armin’s gotten through to him, boom, episode’s over. I feel like I could have just skipped this episode and not missed anything but a few good action scenes.


2 thoughts on “Gargantia and Titan 12

  1. I’m not really sure what I thought about this episode of Gargantia – I feel I can’t really properly judge until I see episode 13. If things did indeed move a bit too fast though (and it’s possible they did), I’d rather that than things moving too fast in the last episode instead. A slightly hurried penultimate episode can be forgiven, but there’s almost nothing worse to me than an awkwardly rushed finale.
    Meanwhile, Shingeki no Kyojin seems to have the opposite problem. In a series where the action sequences are one of the best (if not -the- best) element of the show, there’s just not enough of them to make the slow pacing feel entirely worth the payoff, especially since those action scenes that we do get tend to be rather short-lived. There’s still plenty I like about Shingeki no Kyojin, and normally I dig slower paced titles, but this is starting to drag out a bit too much even for me.

    • I really should have pointed out that contrast in the post.

      The battle in Gargantia seemed rushed, on the other hand, it’s not over yet. Striker is still loose, and there’s no reason why the religious folks can’t mount a counterattack. There’s plenty more to go, at least I hope. What do they do after the battle? Assuming the good guys win, Ledo returns to Gargantia, sees Amy, Bevel etc. I think there’s just enough time to finish the battle and do all that, unless Urobuchi has something up his sleeve (probably a severed head). I said it was “rushed” because all of the improbabilities I mentioned made it feel slapdash.

      I think the pacing in Shingeki no Kyojin would work better if we were given any reason to care about the side characters, like Jean. The only bits I care about involve our three main characters, and potato girl, of course. And even these characters can’t survive completely static moments like Armin pounding away going “Wake up!” when Eren doesn’t want to wake up. Geez, that went on forever.

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