Gargantia finale, Railgun and Giant Hairballs 13

Suisei no Gargantia 13 is a good finale to a good series. And if some of it seemed too inexplicable or even nutty, well, much of the series was, and I ignored (or laughed at) those things because what the show succeeded in other ways.


We start with an interesting debate between Chamber and Striker, two robots, while Ledo the human can only gawk. I had thought that the metalheads would wind up somehow in collusion, but Chamber points out the flawed reasoning behind Striker’s conclusion. Striker is working with Kugel’s mission goals and has taken his take on them to a logical end, but it’s working with flawed goals to begin with, because Kugel could never get out of that cockpit. Ledo lived with the people and had his worldview changed by them, thus giving him more humane goals, which Chamber, who exists to support his pilot, follows. Sounds boring to have it written down like this. Hearing Chamber, in that voice, deny Striker, was an emotional thrill, and made me sad to see how he wound up. I wonder if the destruction of both robots was the creators way of saying such devices of a militaristic society have no place on this world.

Amy?!  What the fuck are you doing?  Get out of there!
Amy?! What the fuck are you doing? Get out of there!

The rest of the episode was mainly battling, and it got kind of messy. We have Pinion deciding not to abandon the treasure-trove he found, which would put him on which side of the battle? Why Rackage rescued him is anyone’s guess, unless they’re hinting at a romance between them–a little late for that. Then there was that neuro connection that was supposed to give Ledo/Chamber amazing powers until he died … which is promptly forgotten a minute later when Amy flutters into his battle on her frail skimmer-thing. I suppose she was helping to target the stairway to heaven ray gun, but for all the hype, all that thing did was blow up a lot of things that were not Striker, the only real threat the bad guys have. Flange has a nice moment when he decides to fight Gargantia for (for him) logical reasons, but then orders the non-combatants to evacuate, something his new leaders wouldn’t have considered. But then we never see him again. At least, I didn’t.


On the other hand, the action is great throughout all this, though it gets so busy that I lost track of who was firing at whom. It all takes so long that all the afterwards scenes are shoved into the closing credits. On the other hand, there was little more to add. Ledo has become fully human by realizing his affection for Amy (and thus getting ejected out of Chamber by Chamber itself, who almost seems to be snickering). The sides are reunited, Ledo’s found a way to get stuff out of the water without pissing off the whalesquid, and it’s sunny again. Man, I was tired of that damn fog. A good series. Not great; the Gargantia society was full of stereotypes about colorful, happy poor people, and I won’t even go into that religious society, but with its handling of Ledo in this strange environment, using Chamber as an explainer and commenter, it avoided a lot of other cliches. And with things like Chamber and Striker’s machine logic the show could actually get pretty smart. As I said, a good series.

Is she mad?  Does she even know?  How human is she?
Is she mad? Does she even know? How human is she?

Now that Touma’s been formally introduced to Toaru Tagaku no Railgun S, I suppose the creators have no intention of pulling out of the way until the inevitable confrontation. So we continue to watch his story along side Misaka’s. The latter, after an understandable dream about her mother taking all the unhappiness away, wakes up to do it herself and winds up easily infiltrating the Tree Diagram conduit on Earth, only to find it’s been destroyed already. That’s an interesting mystery. I forget who did the damage in the Index series, if anyone. As for Touma meeting another sister and a cat, it goes as expected. The point to it being there is, as I said, because he’s part of the story, and maybe to increase the pathos level a little more by having the sister interact with a cute little kitty, well, that and a Sister experiencing heart palpitations and asking questions about meeting your clone. Maybe the horror of it all is sinking into their group mind. I did appreciate the shout-out to the nun and the shrine maiden, though.


Shingeki no Kyojin 13 brings us all the exciting stuff everyone was expecting last week. Was it worth all that dallying? No. But it did give us what the show is capable of doing. Eren finally snaps out of it and does exactly what he’s supposed to do. But it took so long for him to do that much of the legion sent to protect him and distract giants has been killed. The few remaining fight for their lives while we listen to Eren’s rage-filled thoughts. There’s even an insert song! And while watching Eren do his thing was great to look at, for me Mikasa’s takedown of the final giant was the actual highlight.


We also get too much of Jean somehow surviving and others mourning the dead. Oh, giants cough up hairballs of people! Anger and heroism walk alongside the bloody and gross in this series, with silliness trying to keep up. Next week it looks to be a recap, the perfect opportunity for me to watch some new shows, and then some fresh story arcs.

4 thoughts on “Gargantia finale, Railgun and Giant Hairballs 13

  1. Well, most of my fears for Gargantia did not come true.

    If I were Pinion, I’d fear for my life since Rackage is gunning for him. I still find it suspicious that she and her companions did not have the mark of Providence. Perhaps the reason for this is that Rackage and Kugel had some sort of intimate relationship before he died (perhaps because of an STD), resulting in Striker giving her special treatment.

  2. It was Index who destroyed Tree Diagram, at the end of the first arc of the first Index series. That was the scene where Touma’s memories were destroyed. There was an energy beam that blew off the roof of the teacher’s apartment, remember? Fired off into space? Well, it hit that satellite and destroyed it.

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