Railgun 15, Monogatari 3

Railgun has been going along as expected.


We’re at the point now when the sisters interfere with Accelerator by making the wind turbines go backwards, but that’s hardly the compelling part of the story anymore. Instead we have Misaka watching as Touma tries to fulfill his promise to her, though he has no reason to do so. But even now she needs more, so she begs the dying sister to help. It’s Railgun’s biggest theme coming through in one of the Index franchise’s biggest scenes, and ironically it’s the lesson Misaka never seems to learn: sometimes you need help, and there are people who will do that if you ask them or not. This adds emotional power to the scene, so you can’t help but be moved even if you know what’s going to happen. And that’s not even mentioning the emotional weight the sisters add just by existing. The Touma/Accelerator business becomes almost a sideshow.

An entertaining sideshow, mind you.
An entertaining sideshow, mind you.

I can’t figure out if Monogatari 3 was a busy episode or not.


That is, if FELT busier, but like every other episode it was mostly talk. BUT the talking, apart from Neko-Hanekawa/Shinobu all seemed more to the point than usual. Or I’m getting better at reading them. The first one is the tail end of last week’s, with Senjougahara, while doing amazing things with sugar cubes, continues on the “Hanekawa accepts everything that happens” theme, using the sugar as a metaphor. Brief and relatively to the point by the show’s standards. After that we get a short one with Hanekawa and Kanbaru (in high spirits, still bandaged of course) about a text she got from Araragi, which leads us back to Hanekawa and Senjougahara (and her dad, for no reason whatsoever), where they wonder why Kanbaru and not them, and then the Fire Sisters show up. Again, all the talk so far has been for a perceivable purpose.


And so is the Senjougahara/Karen flashback, basically a con-job to find Hanekawa a place to stay, and straightforward, and the subsequent Sisters/Hanekawa scenes. Only when she’s sleeping in Araragi’s bed that we get something odder, and even that one is understandable. Shinobu shows up looking for Araragi, itself very odd, and Hanekawa’s gone neko, so it’s the vamp and the catgirl cordially talking about biting necks to save people, and shironeko as a newer type of oddity, oh, and Napoleon and someone I don’t know. But even here we understand the basic situation: Shinobu’s looking for Araragi, Neko-Hanekawa gives her a tip, they decide to help each other out. The scene is odd in one other respect. Before, Hanekawa in cat form was the alien oddity. In this scene she becomes one of the regular characters, on a mission and getting assistance. And next week the Hanekawa plot and the Araragi plot might combine, and we’ll get … more talk.


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