Quick thoughts on Uchouten Kazoku 2-3, and one thought about Titan 15

Just what is Benten's game, anyway?
Just what is Benten’s game, anyway?

With Uchouten Kazoku they seem quite content to let the characters mill around the city and interact in order to let us know them better before ramping up the story. All we’re getting about THAT is hints and guesses. The sort-of dysfunctional Shimogamo family has some mysteries floating around them that could lead to something more important but possibly not. Why is that one guy a frog and why can’t he change back? Why don’t those two families like each other and why was hapless little Yashirou sent to work for the enemy? Why is Kaisei the only one who gets along with the Shimogamos, and who or what the hell is she? What happened in the Nyoigatake Incident? Or the Demonic Cedar Incident, that did in Yakushibou’s back, that they keep bringing up? And just what is Benten up to?

About the tenth time in the episode that I went 'Wow!"
About the tenth time in the episode that I went ‘Wow!”

Never mind. Just bring me more of those visuals. I said it last time; the backgrounds used in this show are magnificent, especially at night, so warm and full of colors, so realistic yet, er, not. I’m so busy gaping at them that I often lose track of what’s going on. Maybe that’s why I can’t figure out where the plot is going. I ought to just keep gaping, but it’s clear that the plot’s obscurity is part of the show’s master plan, and PA Works excels at complex stories full of characters. I just wish they didn’t all have names that take four syllables to say. How about some nicknames, guys? You did it for Benten.


I had heard that in Shingeki no Kyojin 15, everyone in Eren’s new squad is a weirdo. I don’t know. Petra and Auruo joke around, but they’re not weird. We don’t get to see much of Erd and gunter. Levi is weird, but he’s one of the people in charge. Erwin is too dull to be weird, even with that cryptic “who is the enemy?” line he mutters to Eren near the end. The only one there who’s really and truly weird is Hanji, and it’s a terrific kind of weird. Her encounters with captured giants could be that of anyone getting up close to an elephant or whale for the first time. She is completely fascinated by these creatures while at the same time fully aware that they’re her enemies. She’s that medieval society’s equivalent to a mad scientist; she would be a founding member of their Royal Society if they had such a thing. I felt happy for her that she was in a position where she could experiment to her heart’s content and sad for her when Sawney and Bean died, not least because I wanted to see what she had in store for Eren.


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