Genshiken N 4, Titan 16, Watamote 4, Teekyuu 17


A problem I’m having with Genshiken Nidaime at the moment is that not only do I not know all the anime/manga/game references the show makes (who was Sue dressed as?), but I don’t know all the references to the show itself. It’s been a while since I read the original and I’ve read none of the reboot. And this is a show full of quick cuts and character reactions so subtle or quick that the best I can do is stumble behind, or rewind, and then I still might not get it. This meant that I lost much of the Comic Fest booth banter, though I remember enough of Ogiue’s backstory to get the main themes. On the other hand I was happy to see that Ogiue has a following, if not online, and that people who are polar opposites (Sue and Nakajima) will team up to defend or help her. The first episode was more to do with Hato, and I’m getting a little tired of the attention paid to him, but thankfully they move on to other things later.


At first I was afraid Shingeki no Kyojin 16 was going to be a Jean episode, but his decision as to where to enlist quickly includes the rest of the core group. Misaka and Armin, apart from the odd line or two, are hardly noticed. It’s only at the end, when Jean actually makes a good point about needing a reason to fight, that we get any serious reference to them. Eren, too is just along for the ride. The highlight of the episode was Erwin’s not-so-optimistic recruitment speech about joining the Survey Corps and probably dying. As the vast majority of would-be recruits decide the Garrison would be a better choice, we get into the minds of those who are willing their legs to not move, and most of what they’re thinking is raw fear. Now that we know pretty much what everyone’s thinking, we can move on to the expedition. Nice touch at the end when Eren, moving out with the rest of the corps sees two young boys admiring the procession, as he used to do.

She actually has something to freak out about this time.
She actually has something to freak out about this time.

Watamote 4 brings up a disturbing topic: being molested on the train. Tomoko’s take on it says a lot. When she hears some classmates talking about their experiences (rather matter-of-factly), she sneers at them for being sluts. But when she’s on the train and thinks it’s happening to her, she’s terrified. It’s not the first time Tomoko’s run face-first into a reality that’s not like her fantasies (at one point she even WANTS to be molested, to prove she’s desirable), just look at the panties episode that comes after, hell, the entire series gets much of its fuel from it, but this time her fear is justified, even if we know that thing between her legs is something much more mundane, she doesn’t. I’m wondering what other shows I’ve seen could even have a scene like this, or have it happen to a character and make it a comic bit. Such is what we put poor Tomoko through. Sometimes I feel sorry for her.


And finally, Teekyuu 17, by my estimate, has a gag every 4.285 seconds, which is above average. Keep it up!

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