Uchouten Kazoku 4, Railgun S 17


Uchouten Kazoku 4 brings us the fire festival from the Shimogamo’s point of view, that is, feeding Yakushibou’s kettle some booze and having the tea room fly in the air for a better view, you know, that old anime cliche. While the episode was dazzling me with visuals it managed to go into detail about the Fake Nyoigatake incident, mentioned last week, which helped demonstrate the respect the affection and respect the geezer and father Shimogamo had for each other, and then drop the name of another incident in our laps for possible, future elaboration. I wonder if they’re actually going to explain them all or let these “incidents” pile up, used for comic effect, like “the affair of the three testicles,” or if they all have meaning. The episode gets us no further into whatever overarching story they might have planned, or at least it’s not obvious. Everyone talks about Father Shimogamo, so that’s the obvious clue. It’s great to look at again, especially when the fireworks go off. One question, though: Why don’t the tengu fly around to watch the fireworks? I expected the skies to be full of them.

Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S 17 … finally the girls get a break and are free to enjoy some summer vacation time with no conflicts except the day-to-day.

Though there's still plenty of teasing going on.
Though there’s still plenty of teasing going on.

We watch them all do their individual things and prepare for a “study session” at Saten’s apartment. And so there’s not much to say about it. Uiharu has homework to do. Saten spends the episode cleaning her place for the party. Haruue arrives late, and you have to wonder why, since there’s no reason for it in the story, unless they’re setting up some new plot thing.

The, er, rematch.
The, er, rematch.

The two best scenes involve Misaka and Kuroko’s separate adventures. The latter meets Kongou, with the usual hostility, and then she joins Misaka, already involved in the funniest scene in the episode, meeting Frenda and Mugino at, of all places, a family diner. It’s odd to see two people who earlier had tried to kill Misaka now get into a comical squabble with her. Kuroko’s addition just increases the silliness. The other scene of note is Dr. Frog filling Misaka in on the condition of the Sisters, which I appreciated, since I don’t remember Index going to such detail except for Last Order. In short, nothing much happens except the characters all get together for the first time in a while and have hot pot. We don’t even see the blond loli character they introduced in the new OP. Oh, well, you need an episode like this from time to time. Hopefully it’ll just be the one. The first Railgun series had a few too many.


2 thoughts on “Uchouten Kazoku 4, Railgun S 17

  1. “Why don’t the tengu fly around to watch the fireworks? I expected the skies to be full of them.”

    I dunno… maybe because they don’t want to be in the same space where rockets and explosives are being launched with unpredictability? (^_^)

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