Titan 18, Watamote and Genshiken N 6

Parts of Shingeki no Kyojin 18 doesn’t work very well, like when someone says something. Other parts are great, like whenever the female giant is around.

No, it's so we can get bored listening to you and the others speculate about it.
No, it’s so we can get bored listening to you and the others speculate about it.

I swear, after all those episodes of “normal” giants lumbering around looking grotesque and eating people, it’s a relief to see one who does her killing with such panache. It makes everything else in the episode, fraught with plot though they be, seem like dull filler. Okay, and a lot of it IS dull filler. How many times and from how many angles can we hear corpsmen mutter things about Levi’s weird strategy to run to the giant tree forest? Since Levi isn’t talking, and Armin of all people doesn’t get it, it’s confirmed, and we don’t have to hear more of the same from Jean and everyone else. Besides, we can pretty much guess. The same goes with the constant flare signals and the endless speculation about them. They use up those flares almost as fast as they should be using up their gas.

Cruel, yet classy.
Cruel, yet classy.

But, as I said, all is forgiven when the giantess shows up. I shouldn’t be rooting for her, but there’s a certain art to her murdering style, a confidence because it’s obvious she knows what the soldiers can throw at her. She seems to take a certain satisfaction at crushing their attacks one by one. I know who the good and bad characters are in this series, but I wanted her to pick off a few more. Of course, she would use a different maneuver each time. And naturally, I’m waiting for Eren to take that bite and grow up so we can have the inter-gender giant throwdown we all know is coming. Of course, next week will be more chasing and we probably won’t get what we really want until episode 20 …


Watamote 6, at least the first part, makes me wonder just how smart Tomoko really is, I mean, on a basic getting-through-the-day level. In the first part, she learns that sex can increase certain hormone levels and make you more physically attractive, so it’s off to her games for a bit of, er, beauty work. That much I get, but she somehow thinks not bathing is part of the process. Never mind the soda, and the ants. Really? She didn’t notice she didn’t have all those ants crawling around her? The second half, where she tries anything she can to get anyone to go to the fireworks with her, is all right, a little dull, but it’s rescued by a nice ironic twist at the end, where you expect one thing (finding a fireworks mate) or another thing (not finding one), and you get a third thing (ahem). Nice fireworks, too.

Madarame gets asked to the clubroom for this?
Madarame gets asked to the clubroom for this?

Meanwhile, Genshiken Nidaime 6 continues to play with gender issues, and stuff. First, the girls try to make Hato feel better about his actions at Comic Fest by all agreeing that Madarame’s a bottom, and here’s Ogiue’s old drawings to prove it! Though god knows what Sue (who had the original idea) was thinking when she asked Madarame to come to the clubroom, and shouldn’t Kuchiki just be kicked out of the club for his actions? After giving our lad some more emotional scars, we get more gender confusion thanks to Yoshitake, her sibling, and suspicious club leadership people. I generally like Yoshitake, but sometimes I want to strangle her, especially when she tries to peek at Hato when he’s showering, which I suppose is odd of me considering all the anime episodes I’ve seen where a guy tries to peek at a girl. But, but this is Genshiken, it’s real life! More seriously, doesn’t she think Hato maybe deserves a break considering all the stuff that went on at school? It’s something of a miracle that Hato doesn’t just do what Madarame did: run out of the clubroom, screaming.

4 thoughts on “Titan 18, Watamote and Genshiken N 6

  1. i think tomoko doesn’t bath in order to retain the odor her hormones are supposed to exude, kind of like the pheromones in other mammals.

    1. Yeah, I figured that, but she then doesn’t seem to notice or care about the soda spritzed on her (the second time was deliberate), and apart from the first time, no idea that she had ants crawling on her, or she didn’t care. Her complete ignorance or indifference to her appearance or hygene suggests something’s wrong with her on a fundamental level. i suppose that’s not all that surprising.

      1. the soda thing actually made sense to me. she chose a black soda because of the tv horoscope she saw and although the spritzing was accidental, her day was still kind of a success (she got talked to by two boys) so it might have led her to believe the black soda actually added a nice flavour to her pheromone and was part of the reasons for her successful day, so she deliberately did it again the second time. her indifference to her appearance is kind of logical too, she wouldn’t be that delusional about her charms if she paid more attention to herself :p.

      2. I dunno, being spritzed with soda would make me feel so sticky I’d run to the nearest bathroom to wash off. For Tomoko to put up with that she would really have to be …, well, never mind. I think we’re in agreement that the girl is completely delusional.

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