Sevens: Watamote, Uchouten Kazoku, oh, and Teekyuu

Well, that's how I spend most of MY free time ...
Well, that’s how I spend most of MY free time …

Watamote 7 shows Tomoko on the first eight days or so of summer break, sometimes agonizing because she’s not doing anything. But the thing is, she actually is. Sure, little of it can be called productive. She surfs the net, she watches tv, she reads books and magazines, and from time to time she worries about where her vacation is going, but on the whole she seems happy. There’s a stigma placed on people who prefer to be alone, and Tomoko certainly feels it, but it’s really nothing to be ashamed about. And in Tomoko’s world, the outsiders may not be understanding, but once again in this episode, no one is deliberately unkind to her. They are simply indifferent. So enjoy your free time alone, Tomoko! And good on you for going to that seiyuu handshake event (and good for the seiyuu for being so professional), at least trying a webcam, and doing that creative sound splicing, even if that was to satisfy your own perversions. You’re doing stuff. Relax!

Uchouten Kazoku 7 was a bit of a disappointment, for two reasons.


First, I expected a big fight in the baths with lots of slapstick damage and tails flying, but the only tail the flew was Kinkaku’s or maybe his brother’s. The comic bit with the iron underpants was okay, but surely those two tanuki aren’t THAT stupid. And why don’t they tranform into something threatening so we could have that big fight? The second disappointment, well, not really a disappointment, was the discovery that Yajirou spent the evening getting drunk with Father the night he was caught.


Yaichiro is hurt by this news, but Yasaborou takes it with his usual calm. I suppose it’s his nature, and his carefree look on life, or maybe hearing about Hotei’s meeting with him, and the respect he felt, had Yasaburou feel like his father had died well. Or you could argue that it reflects on Yasaburou’s maybe too-heavy sense of fatality. Also, even with the brothers being hit hard by the news, it doesn’t do much to the story except perhaps explain why Yajirou’s now living as a frog in a well. What happens next with the story? That election? More on Benten? I don’t know where this show is going.

School athletic festival.
School athletic festival.

I don’t remember the exact stats, but Teekyuu is still managing a gag about every 3 1/3 seconds. Midseason form.

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