Uchouten and Watamote 8, plus disappointing Teekyuu stats


Uchouten Kazoku 8 starts with last week’s surprise, as well as some startling new information which doesn’t add up until the end. It’s also an elegy of some sort for the old man, for us, really, as the family had said goodbye long ago. In that respect it’s a lovely episode of memory, and it becomes even more poignant when Akadama-sensei tells us his side of what happened that evening. Souichirou hears that Yajima is in love with Kaisei (whom we better damn well meet one of these days), though she’s engaged to Yasaburou(!). Souichirou tells his son not to grow separate from the rest of the family. Then we later discover that Souichirou met Akadama to say goodbye before going off to … wherever they go.


I missed it the first time, in fact, I had a paragraph written about how he went off to be caught, deliberately, but actually Souichiriou meets Akadama for the last time after his death, not before, and the questions that raised about Yajiro and the rest of the family. Instead, we simply have a restatement of the fact that Souichirou went to his death with few if any regrets, and the questionable assertion by Yasaburou that the death united the family. The only question I have is why Yasaburou isn’t sharing more of these stories with his brothers and mother. Especially in an episode filled with memories and regrets like this one is. Well, the other question has to do with the details of Souichirou’s capture, or maybe it’s not important. They have idiot blood, you know, the show won’t shut up about it, though I must say Souichirou and Yasaburou seem to have less than the others.


Watamote 8 was the most painful one to watch yet. The only part that offered any hope for her at all was her cousin’s internal decision to forgive her for all the shit she tried to pull. As for Tomoko, the return karma burned her even more than usual, and it was worse because she is so idiotic in letting things spiral out of control. She could have just said the truth, that the boy wasn’t her boyfriend, just a guy, and kept up her fabrications. Safer that way. But perhaps the most pathetic part was that card game. Not only is cheating schoolkids a low thing to do, but it brings her the only adulation she ever gets. On the other hand, I did admire her slight-of-hand. Maybe she ought to learn some other tricks like that. She doesn’t have anything else to do. Sigh.

So am I!
So am I!

Finally, Teekyuu 20 has an embarrassing drop in gags. They had been averaging about one gag every 3-4 seconds, but episode 20 takes over an average drops to over five! There was only one gag in the teaser, and later one of the girls goes into a ten-second speech about how they’re all different and how that makes them special, and there was no gag whatsoever! C’mon girls! You know better than that!

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