Monogatari SS 7, Railgun S 20

Monogatari Second Season 7 … I didn’t really think about it until now, but Araragi really IS a pervert.

Step one in the plan to rescue Mayoi is to ...
Step one in the plan to rescue Mayoi is to …

The first thing he does when seeing Hanekawa as a child is chase her around. When he sees Mayoi, he flips her skirt, then chases HER around. The fact that she gets chased into the path of a speeding truck would have been a cruel irony to the story–Araragi, trying to save Mayoi, instead kills her himself–and it would have felt cheap as well. I was relieved when he winds up pushing her away, relieved when he safely escorts her to her mom’s place, yet worried because you then knew that the whammy would come after they returned to the present day (so they don’t even bother to make Shinobou’s ability to do that an issue). Worse, it looks like they’re taking the “City on the Edge of Forever” route, i.e., Araragi has to go back and make sure she dies.

Okay, he's a noble pervert.
Okay, he’s a noble pervert.

I don’t really want to see that. Since they’re inventing (or borrowing) the rules of time for this arc, maybe they can bend them a little. And maybe they can make a decision about the pacing, as well. When this show is all talk I don’t mind because it’s part of the fun. But when there’s worrisome plot to be dealt with then and there (saving Mayoi, getting back), the talky bits become irritating. By the time they were talking about which way they should enter the time portal I was muttering “Get on with it!” Well, never mind. Most of the talk was to the point, though I wonder just how Araragi could so easily walk away from his young self, we had nice little visual moments like the street light metaphor, and the white cat that strolls by when Araragi talks about Hanekawa. The side bits (fondling or wishing to fondle small girls) mostly felt natural, because we already know that Araragi’s a pervert. And so is Shinobou, a little.

Meanwhile, on Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S 20, I continue to wonder just what the villains up to. Are they insane, or just incompetent?

What the hell is he talking about?
What the hell is he talking about?

We have that one guy in the field, attracting Kongou’s attention, blabbing sinister things into his cellphone loud enough for her and her friend to hear. We got the people in the dark, evil-looking meeting room saying inane things while Shinobou (today is Shinobou day!) sits and listens, possibly wondering how the hell she got roped in with these idiots. Meanwhile, their experiments continue. They’ve decided to target Misaka with a nasty construction thingy that Misaka probably would have wiped out in five seconds if she hadn’t been so surprised. The fact that neither device should even have power has attracted attention, and what’s-her-name from Anti-Skills has already found something suspicious. Meanwhile this group of smirking villains, constantly adjusting their glasses, giggle about cutting out the cameras and cell phones in the area, even as their latest “experiment” freezes up at the end. I’m betting on Shinobou causing that. She’s shown too much humanity before, and she’s too smart for these losers.


When they’re not distracted by Misaka being around, they’re apparently trying to kill Febri. We get a inkling of why from Dr. Frog at the very end. Otherwise, we spend most of the episode watching every character who gets within five feet of her become her personal servant, even Kongou. Speaking of whom, the arc is giving her more attention than usual. Nothing wrong with that, she’s earned the screentime. This time, Febri goes to an onsen, refuses to give up her pink frog finger-puppet to the point where Misaka just gives up, and faints with a fever after the second attempt on her life that day. Oh, and Misaka apparently has yet another sister.


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