Railgun S 21, Watamote 9, Teekyuu’s still in a slump

Two things stand out in Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S 21. One has to do with the show’s essential message, the other is just an annoying term.

Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! WRONG!
Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! WRONG!

It was an action-free episode where the girls get up and start working on the Febri situation. Misaka gets clues from a lot of different sources, things that Dr. Frog said, and Kongou, and even a Sister (who manages to guilt-trip Misaka as well), yet Misaka’s reaction to all this is to rescue Febri without involving the others, AGAIN. But this time, mainly thanks to Kongou of all people, the message about entrusting some of the work (and danger) to others finally gets through her thick skull, and when she does tell the girls they snap into action–and find nothing. I expected nothing less from them. On the other hand, it’s much more fun when everyone gets involved. Anti-Skills and Dr. Frog, however, help out as best they can.

Stupid Question.
Stupid Question.

The “annoying term” I referred to is “the darkness,” or alternately, “the underworld.” Twice Dr. Frog asks Misaka if she’s ready to get involved with such people. But I’m trying to remember a time when she WASN’T dealing with them. It seems like there’s more underworld in Academy City than world, as much fighting in dark buildings as there is walking in the sunshine. Those girls she fought earlier in the season, the people they worked for, who had also made a deal with Accelerator, and let’s not forget the entire first season. Don’t forget all those thugs the show coughs up whenever they need an easily-dispatched threat. So when Dr. Frog (who should know all this already) arranges a meeting with one of these mysterious underworld people I figured it had to be someone Misaka had already met. Delighted to say that I was right.


I expect the rest of the season to be just as insane as Therestina is.

A rare happy moment with a kitty-kat.
A rare happy moment with a kitty-kat.

Watamote 9 is a low-key affair, where we watch Tomoko mope through the rest of her summer vacation. Nothing hugely embarrassing happens to her this week, and she even gets a happy moment watching a meteor shower with a cat. She had wished to watch it with a boy, and she gets a boy cat, but she seems to appreciate the irony. Elsewhere, I have to admire her steely resolve when having to sort through old toys and stuff to see what to throw away, she recognizes most of it as junk and doesn’t give in to sentiment. I also respect how, when told to clean the bathroom, she buckles down and cleans it, which is more than I do …

A baseball episode, for gods sake ...  Does the show even care about its gag count?
A baseball episode, for gods sake … Does the show even care about its gag count?

Meanwhile, Teekyuu 21 continues the slump, with only one gag every six seconds! A couple of weeks ago they were down to three. Snap out of it, girls!

2 thoughts on “Railgun S 21, Watamote 9, Teekyuu’s still in a slump

  1. Misaka is kongou’s best friend in manga.The anime changed the timeline of events make them really distant but it seems they are trying tonremedy that

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