Quick thoughts on Kyojin 23 and Railgun 22


The big reveal in Shingeki no Kyojin 23 should come as no surprise, except to those of us who had forgotten who giantess is. The show’s had problems establishing characters from the start. Even after the opening scenes where we see her sympathizing with an overly zealous outer of corruption named Marlo while telling him that he’s a complete idiot, we’re still not sure why she does the things she does, just that she doesn’t like the corruption in the system. But after that, at least story-wise, the episode wasn’t bad. Armin’s plea to Annie suggested a different and just as logical turn of plot than what we got, which meant the buildup at the stairs was well-done because we weren’t sure what was going on. That said, we got questions, like how did Armin get permission to use Eren and Mikasa for this trap, what were those townspeople doing helping out, and again, why is she doing this?

Therestina uses both images in one sentence.
Therestina uses both images in one sentence.

Toaru Kagaku no Railgun 22 is again mostly talk, with a pointless action scene in the middle, and it raises more questions than answers. Judgement and Anti-Skills manage to find information on the head bad guy, Aritomi, when Kongou happens to spot his face on a database Uiharu had opened up, which is the way these two agencies tend to work. Mugino and her pals get a job to look into something and there’s nothing there, but they blow stuff up anyway, hence our action scene. Misaka mulls a lot over her conversation with Therestina, partly about clues but more often about that darkness image. And guinea pigs; that’s the new one. The questions involve those capsules with the hair in it, who hired ITEM to attack that old factory, why Shinobou, knowing that the information in that factory was bogus, went in there anyway. Well, that last question is more a question of plotting, not a story factor we’re supposed to consider. In the end, Shinobou and Misaka prove to be even stupider than Aritomi, actually believing he’ll give them the poison neutralization, especially Misaka letting herself get paralyzed, unless she has some trick up her sleeve. Yep, a lot of questions, some of them not the ones the show wants us to ask.

(Note to self: when writing about these two shows, stop mixing up the names Mikasa and Misaka.)


4 thoughts on “Quick thoughts on Kyojin 23 and Railgun 22

  1. I was a bit annoyed how Annie did that “hahahaha insane laughter” thing. It seemed quite out-of-character for her, she’s quite collected usually and then when her evil plans are revealed she loses that coolness about her. Too many anime bad guys do that laughter thing, grrr :-(. Thought it was a pretty good episode though. I thought Annie was one of the more interesting characters so I hope she’s not killed off too soon.

    • That’s true. Her change felt off, especially after the “calm” moments leading up to it. Ironically, in the same post I mentioned Therestina, who did the same thing in the first season, but her change was so crazy and over-the-top that I loved the moment.

  2. By the way, those “townspeople” are obviously the Recon Corps is disguise. We can see them situated all along roofs of the buildings at the ready, they all wear the “Wings of Freedom” shield on their backs. This was obviously a large scale operation.

    • Sigh, I guess they have to be, and I suppose I should credit the show for being subtle about it, but at the time I was confused. But that begs the question of who ordered and approved this trap operation, when Erwin, Levi, et al, are in such hot water?

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