Finales: Uchouten Kazoku, Genshiken N

Why the tanuki don't do this more often to humans who try to eat them I don't know.
Why the tanuki don’t do this more often to humans who try to eat them I don’t know.

Uchouten Kazoku‘s final had a big exciting scene in it, but mainly it was a lot of mythical creatures talking about not much. The big scene, Friday Fellows vs. Tengu, was as weird as I expected. Unlike Railgun S, which I watched earlier today, here’s a confrontation that no one expected or really wanted, apart from maybe Yasaburou, because maybe his mother would be rescued, and anyway, it might be fun. And the confrontation, once each side figured out the identity of the other side, WAS fun. Cute, too, with all those little furry creatures running around. I had some problems with it, though. Why do the tanuki not mind so much about one of them getting eaten every year when Yaichiro can scare the shit out of humans with his tiger routine? How can the elder Ebisugawa so easily forget that he’s been denying stories of putting tanuki into stew pots and go on and on to the Friday Fellows about doing just that? How come no one except the odd passer-bys in Kyoto care too much about sudden hurricane gusts or trolleys racing through streets and into buildings where there aren’t even tracks?


I suppose you can attribute the first and maybe the second to “idiot blood,” the most convenient excuse for possible bad plotting that I’d heard in a while. As for the others, maybe Kyoto is used to weirdness like that. I should visit it some day. Other questions I don’t mind not being answered, such as, what was up with Benten? Today she shows a kinder side and acts like she, like Yasaburou, is just looking for fun. Yet at the end she’s back with Akadama. There isn’t a reason for this that the show is willing to give, and while I liked her capricious side more, I see nothing wrong with it if she’s happy. I wonder if the Friday Fellows are going to continue their yearly ritual (probably). I wonder if Yajiro is going to stop being a frog (probably). I wonder if Kaisei is ever going to let Yasaburou see her (no idea, but I hope so). And I could think of others. However, this show has rolled along, er, eccentrically, since the start, following its own rules, and watching it was entertaining enough that I didn’t mind the unanswered questions, or the idiocy.

One more example of the beautiful background art.
One more example of the beautiful background art.

Genshiken N has no overarching plot worries, and no questions that I needed answers. Some of the characters have worries and questions, and this final episode shows them on the way to answering them for themselves, with the help of everyone.


Mainly, Hato. He’s been avoiding everyone and hasn’t come to change in Madarame’s room recently, so they coax him out with a road trip, sort of how Ogiue came to terms with herself (and Sasahara) on that trip before. While we still haven’t watched that old scene animated, they throw in some quick flashbacks to make the connection. Not that Hato is in such bad shape as Ogiue was. He’s thinking about his crossdressing and he’s worried about Madarame quitting his job. In a good scene, the two talk at the onsen. Madarame simplifies Hato’s crossdressing dilemma by stating the obvious, and the quitting seemed like the thing to do, so relax.


Apart from that, there’s nothing much for the episode to accomplish apart from bathing, bonding, and a vote to decide if Hato should be a girl or boy. A nice bit where Kuchiki, moving like one of Kyojin’s abnormal giants, attempting to ambush Hato on his way to the bath (what the fuck is wrong with Kuchiki?), is ambushed himself by Sue, moving like a fighting game character. Sue has done yeoman work for this series from the start. But really, there’s nothing else to say about it, and, oddly for a final episode, nothing to wrap up. It’s as if they had more episodes to go. I hope eventually they do, the manga is still going, and there really isn’t another series like this now, where intelligent, comparatively normal young people follow their passions and discover things about themselves along the way, with no goals in mind, just what they encounter.

One more of Sue.
One more of Sue.

2 thoughts on “Finales: Uchouten Kazoku, Genshiken N

  1. The Genshiken finale was entirely anime-original, because the manga started some new arcs and stuff in the following chapters. So it sort of had a fillery episode to provide a nice harmless ending, although I’m not sure how they’ll continue on from it now

    Loved all the Sue scenes though

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