Fall 2013 Shows #6 (and last): noitaminA Edition

Rounding out the list of shows I meant to try out we get the two latest noitaminA offerings. Galilei Donna is the first, and it looks promising.

Galileo's descendants endure mom's lecture.
Galileo’s descendants endure mom's lecture.

We’re introduced three girls as they’re put into inexplicable danger. The smallest one, (Hozuki, we learn later) is chased around the streets of some unnamed wintery Italian town by a flying ship. Kazuki is faking illness in the school infirmary to moon over a picture of a boy when a thug comes in. Hazuki is getting drunk and sick and assaulted in a restaurant bathroom. A nice way to start things–get some action right at the beginning (oh, there was actually an earlier scene where a mining operation, maybe, is attacked by other flying things, but after the main story kicked in I completely forgot about it), and it becomes more fun with the girls fight back. Little Hozuki takes her floating bike and turns it into a gun, and thus becomes my favorite girl, and subsequent events don’t change my mind. Kazuki fights free, and Hazuki shouts legalese and has help, making her my least favorite. After that we get to learn about the dysfunctional family. They, and their mother or father, are descendents of Galileo, and they don’t get along much at all. It looks like the weird adventure is going to turn into a domestic drama, when more nasty people show up.

From her dad's basement.
From her dad’s basement.

Now, I’m not going to wonder how Hozuki managed to build a flying, weaponized craft of her own in her father’s basement without him knowing about it, or why she was getting battle tactics from a goldfish, or what the bad guy (who I suspect isn’t really so bad) wanted; I was having too much fun, and we’ll find out some of it later. Everything in this episode felt good, the look, the animation, the characters, and it just flew by. I’m definitely keeping this one.


I am considerably less enthused by noitaminA’s blockmate, Samurai Flamenco. It’s a guy who fantasizes so much about being a hero that he goes out in a suit and tries to be one, on a small scale, since he’s never actually fought anyone before. He’s befriended by a cop who winds up bailing him out much of the time. It feels very predictable, though watching Masayoshi perhaps gain some insight might have some interest, or it won’t. I found him so annoying that when some kids start beating him up I was on the kids’ side. Goto, the cop, isn’t as bad, but you have to wonder why he likes this naive, idiotic, would-be hero who’s a male model in real life so much. Maybe some homoerotic impulses at work, though the show stresses early on that Goto has a long-distance girlfriend whom he actually seems to like. More likely he likes the guy’s spirit. I’ll keep watching for now, but if they don’t start some development out of this stale fantasy theme soon, I’ll drop it.

I hope you enjoyed all these. I’ll select a few to write about every week, and watch the other ones that are any good. But now I have to get caught up with Monogatari. I’m three episodes behind.

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