NouCome 4, Kill and kanata 5

The new story arc kicks in.
The new story arc kicks in.

NouCome (or NouKome, whatever) 4 starts up a new challenge, er, story arc, for Kanade, and takes a few moments to give us more insights into why all this is going on, but it’s overwhelmed by the usual silliness and only comes up at the end. As for the rest of it, you could see the whole harem question consequence a mile away with a minute’s thought, but Kanade proved last week that he can’t think that fast, or doesn’t think things through. While I’m not sure I like Furano and Ouka, I do admire their almost random reactions to whatever weird thing is going on at the moment, or their ability to take a concept (x-ray glasses) and twist it (so powerful you can see inside the body, which is what interests her, I guess, though, for pure non-sequitor fun you have to go with Furano’s “glee club” suggestion). The new girl, Seira, seems to know more than she’s letting on. As for that one popular guy, the show brings him on, Furano and Ouka have fun with him, and Seira has to come in and do his exposition, I guess. What was it with that scene? Not that I mind. I like how the show will take a predictable scene and simply wander off into kookooland with it.


Kill la Kill 5, for all the usual craziness, is more about setting up what I assume is the main story arc. It’s brought to us by Kinagase, tough guy on a motorcycle, who comes to town in order to take Ryuko’s godrobe. Not for himself, in fact, he sets himself up early as a mutual enemy of the school, but because these super-suits are apparently capable of betraying their wearers. Either that, or he doesn’t trust clothing in general. He and Aikuro belong to a group called “Nudist Beach,” and while he doesn’t have a proclivity toward stripping (though the show is kind enough to briefly show him naked in his tent), it might explain why Aikuro always seems to be on the verge of it. It takes another touching speech by Mako (Alleluia!) and hearing Senketsu threaten him (after he’s won the battle) before he backs off. Meanwhile, more future plot is afoot as the Student Council have been monitoring the battles for reference. I’m guessing that if any godrobe goes rogue it’s going to be Satsuki’s. I also think that Kinagase is right, and that everyone should get naked, but that’s just me.


Since Kyoukai no Kanata is shifting to a new arc there’s not much to episode 5 apart from the steady theme of being alone. This time it’s Mitsuki’s turn to feel it, when an annual festival comes up and she, like every year, refuses to go. It doesn’t help that her older sister Izumi has been gently drilling the “we’re always alone” crap into her head for years. Mirai, cursed as she is, used to believe that but is not fighting against it, and persuades her to go. And Akihito has gone into a lonely funk since that time he nearly lost control and destroyed everything, but he is also dragged to the festival, by Hiroomi, so they can be alone together, I suppose. But the actual highlight for many people will be Mirai forced into posing in a maid outfit for Ayaka, and the fact that Ayaka will pay good money if she posed nude, and the photos are for her personal collection. Even if Ai proudly shows Mirai her own nude pics taken by Ayaka, you have to wonder. The whole thing dragged a bit. It’ll be better when they get back to a story.

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