Coppelion 5, Galilei 4, Asukara 5


Coppelion 5 makes me wonder just how many people are still alive in Tokyo. Now we got people holed up in a comparatively luxurious “planet” at JASA (why can’t they just say JAXA?) headquarters, which I suspect won’t be so luxurious once the inevitable battle hits it. And we got the 1st Division, the “ghosts of the SDf, with tanks and guns, going around shooting at people for no reason the show is willing to tell us. Which all sums up the latest story arc. Ibara and her pals are off to help the JASA people when the 1st Division show up and start shooting. They can actually aim, too. Taeko is wounded and out of commission. So we got a wounded girl and a woman about to give birth as our helpless victims of the week (or two). In other news, the Prime Minister is a jerk and so help won’t come for a few days, oh, apart from that oy we keep seeing in the credits, whom I don’t trust in the slightest. And Ibara keeps having nightmares about perfectly normal high school life. The show better start explaining a few things soon. They can start with the 1st Division and why they’re shooting at people.


There were four times in Galilei Donna 4 where Kazuki ran out of the room. Alas, the first three times it was in a huff, as she decided to make clear to everyone all over again how unhappy she is and how jealous she is of Hozuki. Happily, the fourth time was when she rushed back to the park to beg smelly old Hans to let them use his Micro-Doctor to save Hozuki’s life (Hoz was injured in the funniest injury scene that wasn’t meant to be funny that I can remember–BOING! BOING!). There she got a chance to talk about redeeming herself and keeping family together and whatnot, while every second could have counted for her sister, probably to convince Hans, who certainly would have come anyway, without any speeches. After that, Kaz gets even more proactive and pilots the Goldfish when the pirates discover her. The pirate leader again backs off for silly reasons. Well, good for her, at least she’s no longer whining, but at this point the show feels like it’s going through the motions of an action series. You can expect any clues they need to come out of the bushes and grab their ankles, as Hans does. How convenient! He has the second drawing! I certainly didn’t see that coming, no sirree! Geez. When bad guys come to get them the show tosses the girls a new weapon or we learn some hidden strength or resolve. It looks like this series might fall into noitaminA’s “Wasted Potential” category (#6, C, Guilty Crown, etc).


The problem with Nagi no Asukara is not that the story is too convenient and pat, it’s that I still can’t figure out what all this business with being underwater has to do with anything. With a few changes this whole story would be as effective on dry land. All I’d really miss is the pretty undersea scenes. Well, episode 5 works out nicely, taking care of the Akari/Itaru story, or rather, helping to clarify a few things. Akari dumps Itaru because it’s for the best, while we’re reminded that she’s making another sacrifice for someone else’s happiness, and blaming herself for being a kid about wanting something. But this causes Monotone Miuna to get upset and run off, so we get a desparate search scene. Turns out she’s just afraid that Akari will go away like her mother did. To me, that doesn’t explain the outright hostility she exhibited but at least they’ve reached an understanding. Hikari adds a nice note to it by telling her big sis not to pretend to be his mother (ouch), but to go be Miuna’s mother. Pretty good stuff. Now they just have to figure out what to do about that banishment business. Meanwhile next arc will probably involve the Hikari/Manaka/Chisaka love triangle, Hikari’s speech about not being afraid to love will certainly be referenced. But again, why underwater? Well, why not?

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