Kanata 6, NouCome 5, Asukara 6


I think it’s all agreed that the fewer episodes like Kyoukai no Kanata 6, the better. I don’t mind a decent filler episode, nor do I object to funny ones to break the tension, but did they have to come up with one where all the characters wind up idol singing? With Ai as the loli star? And if the spirit had a thing for cute girls, what the hell were Akihito and Hiroomi doing in the act? And why is Akihito even on the goddamned ROOF if he’s not a spirit hunter AND not a girl? Not only that, but I saw the final anticlimax coming a mile away, so THERE, KyoAni! And that pink stuff that Mitsuki got sprayed with, I thought they said it wouldn’t go away until the monster was dead, so why doesn’t she at least keep trying? I tend to like pointless filler episodes, but I like for them to make at least a little sense.

For the life of me I don't know what Kanade's complaining about.
For the life of me I don’t know what Kanade’s complaining about.

NouCome doesn’t make a lot of sense, either, but it’s a silly show to begin with. Basically, in episode 5, Kanade works on his goal of getting each girl on either side of this competition they’re putting on to say they like him. At the end, he’s still trying. Oh, and we meet the members of the other team that we hadn’t met already. Oh, and Yuragi, the recently returned childhood friend who is everyone’s little sister, especially Kanade’s. We see her do her onii-chan! thing a little too often, but it’s mitigated by the various reactions she gets. So we get to meet a number of people who each bounce off the others in one way or another. In fact, the organizational meeting with both teams devolves into each weirdo type matching up with their arch-nemesis or best friend. Since this show moves so fast none of these displays of character types have the time to wear out their welcome. But by the end I think they begin to stretch the arc too much. Time to get on to the competition.

Because I had to put a picture of SOMETHING ...
Because I had to put a picture of SOMETHING …

After watching Nagi no Asukara 6 my question is exactly what happened in this episode that really matters. Manaka and Chisaki have a falling out over Hikari, but they make it up over an optical illusion and a childhood memory, which was nice and pretty, but, er, so what? The two love triangles are still in place. Earlier we get a pleasant scene involving the wooden maiden, where we see all the protagonists and antagonists are all on the same side, including the two jerky land guys and the two bratty land girls. Nice to see, and perhaps the only real development in the entire episode (Not to mention that the high school relations between the two factions are a lot friendlier now). The only interesting thing we learn is that the sea people don’t do well in competitive swimming because they aren’t used to going on the surface of the water. I actually found that very interesting. I figured already they wouldn’t like the chlorine. Oh, and Hikari can’t make a turn. One other thing: a land girl seems to like Isaki, but the show just puts that in there for later use. They do that a lot in this show. Meanwhile we get episodes of not much real story like this one.

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