Kill and Kanata 7, NN Biyori 6, Teekyuu 30

Mako sure is cute in her fighter outfit.
Mako sure is cute in her fighter outfit.

Kill la Kill 7 was a nice little fable about the dangers of success, or something like that. Ryuuko and Mako form a fight club. Ryuuko beats up all the other clubs and Mako does the paperwork, AND gets first a one-star and a two-star uniform. Each one brings her and her family higher up the social and financial ladder, until she’s told she can get a three-star if she defeats Ryuuko. You can see where this is going, and it’s good enough. I liked some of the clubs Ryuuko had to fight, and the odd costumes the folk dancers wore. But I have a question. A one-star uniform lifted the family out of poverty and allowed them to live comfortably for the first time. It was the two-star status that put them in luxury and almost drove them apart. Well, Mako couldn’t predict what would happen when she argued for higher status. But it changes the moral a little bit. As happy as they were to return to no stars and be happy together, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to step up and live comfortably and eat croquettes where you know where the meat is coming from.


Kyoukai no Kanata 7 brings Sakura back, trying to kill Mirai as before. I thought that the Hollow Shadow incident had polished that off, and so had Mirai. But the fact remains that Mirai killed Sakura’s sister. Nothing can change that or remove the bad feelings about it. I appreciated this serious thinking after the stupidity of last week. The episode also works well in moving the overall story arc along. Sakura, who had no powers to speak of, is given a nasty weapon by a strange man (which is about the only unbelievable thing in the episode), and she’s been going around attacking dreamshades to make it stronger so she can have her big fight with Mirai, which she loses without a lot of fuss. Thus we get to see Mirai’s growing confidence and skills, and what’s more, Sakura gets to see it too. This girl who handles that nasty weapon is not the same frightened little thing that killed Yui due to inexperience. Meanwhile the weapon is abandoned (the other unbelievable thing this episode) and we discover who the strange man is, and how the plot will continue. An all-around solid episode.


Non Non Biyori 6 has one nice little moment near the end, after the ridiculous test of courage at the shrine, where Komari is the “scarer” and scares herself more than anything else. They light off fireworks, Komari settles down, even the silent nii-chan is allowed to pet a kitty … and nothing else happens. I know this show is basically a comedy, but the show’s best moments have all been when they’re not trying to be funny, but instead enjoying the moment. Otherwise in the episode, Natsumi shows herself to be a lazy bum again, Komari is short, and Hotaru still idolizes Komari. Actually, that scene with the room full of Komari stuffed dolls wasn’t bad once they go through the inevitable hiding the evidence only to have Renge open a door moment. They see the dolls and don’t bat an eyelash. And Renge’s declarations of non-sequiturs is still funny. But they should all relax and enjoy the scenery more often.


As for Teekyuu 30: One gag every 4.5 seconds. Pretty good, but the episode felt draggy anyway.

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