I don’t much care for Nati no Asukara or Coppelion 7, nor Gallilei Donna 6

Nagi no Asukara 7 made me want to punch a few of the characters, and Hikari was not one of them. But is that a good thing?

The negotiations are going well, I see.
The negotiations are going well, I see.

I’m talking of course of the adults, the fat pigs who live both underwater and on the surface, and who insist on insulting each other and getting into fights over agreeing that the Ofunehiki should be started up again, which is what everyone else wants. I would also like to punch, for the record, that deadbeat priest who has great power given to him but seems to want to make Akari and Hikari miserable just to prove a point to their father. This isn’t the first time, either. Remember the attempted molestation of Manaka in the first episode? The man ought to be kicked out of his cushy job.

Maybe we'll get back to them next episode.
Maybe we’ll get back to them next episode.

Now, with that FIRST batch of people (I believe the shitty priest is supposed to be comic and eccentric), I’m supposed to feel that way, especially when they break the statue the kids worked so hard to make and that they had all been admiring an hour before. And it’s a problem. This is beginning to feel more and more like Tari Tari rather than Hanasaku Iroha. The Big Plot they’re pushing is pushing the little ones to the side. Remember, they’re also trying to tell a love story, I think, though the triangle(s) haven’t made themselves clear yet, but most of these scenes barely stand out with all that shouting going on.


The stories come together with Hikari’s family, and they’re doing all right with that. Akari loves a surface guy, an old basic plot, but improved when we see it through the eyes of the father, and especially Hikari, who’s hot-tempered but young and malleable enough to change his mind. This still isn’t very new, but the creators are doing well with it. Unfortunately, other than the dynamics of this family, and, by extension, Itaru’s, everything is turning into a “kids want to put on a show but the mean grownups won’t let them” story, or a “gee, can’t we all just get along?” story, and I’ve seen too many of those already.


Coppelion 7 isn’t all that bad if you don’t count the ridiculous things. I can get the leader (who claims he isn’t) of the 1st Division deciding to stick all the waste into the sarcophagus, as they call it, and then blow it up to cause all of Japan to get radioactive. That’s just evil genius thinking and appropriate, especially with his evil laugh and tattered cape flying behind him, but who’s going to do all the lifting? There’s a lot of waste to get in there and even a handful of coppelions would take a long time to haul all the barrels, even with those evil crazy girls we see at the end helping out. But I can forgive that one in terms of plot. What’s harder to understand is why they separated blood type by school grade. Did it ever occur to any of them that Ibara might need a transfusion before? Why on earth would they do such a stupid thing? And finally, Taeko is able to perform delicate surgery to save Ibara’s life, yet the thought of delivering a baby in perhaps the cleanest, safest place in Tokyo freaks her out entirely. They hadn’t thought they wouldn’t have to deliver a baby out here, she says. Just like they figure Ibara won’t need a transfusion. Other than all that it was a pretty good plot-building episode.

Blam blam blam!
Blam blam blam!

Galilei Donna 6 isn’t much better. The good girls, the bad guy and the pirates all descend on one hospital for one purpose or another. We get a lot of morality speeches and a cautionary tale about giving away your birthday feast to some beggars who are only going to steal stuff when you’re dying, anyway (and why the feast? Wasn’t there any other food in the house they could have given him?). So now we know Materazzi’s motivation. We later get to see what he’s learned when he just starts shooting people in the hospital because there are too many people in the world, anyway. A lot of other people in the hospital were wielding guns. Where did they go? A side note comes from those two Cicinho stooges and how they were saved by their boss, so have unswerving loyalty to him. I guess Roberto thinks that way, too. The moral dilemmas (We’re cold! Cut off the life support systems on the upper floor!) pile higher and higher for poor, distraught Hozuki, and when she snaps and acts her pendant decides to put on a light show and save the day, and finally Hazuki gets her medicine. Amazing that the girls knew which jar of medicine to pick, but that’s hardly the most ridiculous thing about this episode, or this series.

5 thoughts on “I don’t much care for Nati no Asukara or Coppelion 7, nor Gallilei Donna 6

  1. Galilei Donna really is just one giant ball of ridiculousness at this point. I wouldn’t particularly mind if the show didn’t try to take itself so seriously all the time. Right now the only reasons I’m still watching are a) that AI goldfish is badass, b) the artwork/animation is nice, and c) there are only a few episodes left, so I feel I might as well having gotten this far.

    1. The Galilei Donna people are probably thanking their lucky stars that Coppelion is also airing this season. “A show even more fucked up than ours!”

  2. My theory on the blood type by school grade is that these are all experimentally bioengineered children, and that each “batch” of babies for a year had a new, improved “formula” to try out – so they all ended up with commonalities in their blood not shared by earlier “batches.” It wouldn’t be surprising that babies in a group had the same blood type.

    And, yeah, all the series have gone badly off-road. Might as well just close your eyes and marvel at the silliness. (^_^)

  3. That could be, but it means that Ibara, the only competent member of the team, was from an earlier, less refined lab batch than her idiotic comrades.

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