Monogatari SS 17, NouCome 6, Biyori 7

I guess that they had all those wild, funny moments in last week’s Monogatari SS because they knew episode 17 would be incredibly sad.


I had the essential point of the episode spoiled for me, so maybe I didn’t get the full effect of it, but I still found the episode moving, even though it’s all talk, no action whatsoever. I mean, this show always has a lot of talk in it, it’s one of the reasons why it’s unique, but there were very few word games twists of meanings anywhere. The closest we came to that was Gaen’s issuing of terms for her help, and that was straightforward by this show’s standards. But the important part of the episode was the second half, where Araragi has to come to terms with Mayoi’s final passing, and it was simple.

not so simple for Ararararagi-kun, however
Simple for us, anway

She’s been cheating about being an oddity and she knows it. She knows she has to go away, actually die for good, or go to heaven, or whatever. It’s Araragi who has the problem with it, as well he should. Mayoi’s been fun to have around. It’s unfair of the universe that she has to go. So we get lots of denial from him, followed by assertions by Mayoi, until Yotsugi points out that she can’t figure out which one is the child here. But you have to do these things when someone you love leaves. Meanwhile, I was sitting here more or less doing the same thing in my head, and when the final moment arrived, mixed with a good laugh when we see Mayoi on Yotsugi’s shoulders, I still wasn’t ready to say goodbye to Mayoi. I’m still not. This is the first significant loss in the franchise, and it happened to such a fun character. On the other hand, Araragi never said goodbye to her. With this kind of show, that will become significant later, but probably for no good.


Well, goodbye, Mayoi, it was fun as hell.


Coming down to earth I finally watched NouCome 6, a rather more routine affair than usual, though, as usual, the gags worked. Just one quibble. I think Kanade should have chosen that other option and asked Furano to help him out of his suit. It might have been a shock, but he could smooth it over eventually, and she might take a step forward about her shyness. Otherwise it’s success after success for Kanade this episode, apart from the beatings. It’s rather inspiring to watch him do the decent thing over and over in spite of his reputation, not to mention his basic adolescent heterosexual male desires, and even if he does do something underhanded, like con Konagi, he feels bad about it.

We can see how excited she is.
We can see how excited she is.

Non Non Biyori 7 is one of the better ones, a relaxed, slow-moving episode in a series which is at its best it doesn’t try to force gags. Also, it has plenty or Renge. And while I don’t think rabbits are that evil in real life, I did enjoy the smirk it gave before it locked Renge and Hotaru in the cage. There were plenty of nice moments, but overall I liked the interaction between Renge and Candy Store (a hell of a lot better name than her real name) the most. The two are familiar enough that Renge can watch her TV show in CS’s living room while the store is ignored, and no one cares. Such is life in the country, I suppose. Renge making a cat’s cradle “outer space” was a close second. There’s something cosmic going on in that girl’s mind.

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