Eights: Kill, Coppelion, Kanata; Thirty-ones: Teekyuu


Kill la Kill 8 is basically a setup for the Big Fights we’ve been expecting since the beginning, though we didn’t know it at the time. All we knew was that there would be a huge resetting of authority in the school and everyone, including the four devas, have to fight for it. So it would be battle, battle, battle, right? Wrong! We get get a lot of pointless battling between nobodies in the background, but Ryuuko doesn’t fight at all. All she really does is provide us with a flashback to her father’s death and duck for cover as the Automotive Airsoft Club tries to ambush Gamagoori, who is the only main character who does any fighting this episode. And we learn a few things about him. He’s devoted to duty to the point of assisting even Ryuuko when she needs it, he was inspired by Satsuki the way they all seem to be, he’s a masochist, and he doesn’t know what to do about Mako, either. Story-wise, the show decides to get to the big battles starting next week, figuring, I guess that they had done enough prequel, and the story is loose enough that it doesn’t matter. I wonder if this will be the setup in the future, a scene where we flash back to each of the deva’s stories and they they duke it out with Ryuuko?

The adorable Uzu sisters.
The adorable Ozu sisters.

Coppelion 8 isn’t as ridiculous as some of them, if you ignore Ibara whipping out that cable out of nowhere, or that grenade going off before the Ozu sisters were going to shoot her, or chaining the sisters up when one of them can snap street lamps in half, or the Railgun impersonation. Even the sisters’ motivation for joining the 1st division was perfectly logical considering the circumstances of the Coppelion’s existence. No, the glorious WTF of this episode was that the sisters have serial killer genes! Okay, even if the scientists didn’t know it at the time, they know now, yet they still sent them off on this mission, and even if they sent them off before they knew it, they took no steps to stop them. Haruto treats it almost as an “oh, by the way …” and saunters off to help while the sisters are in the process of nearly killing everybody. Well, he’s bitter too, just not insane, so maybe he doesn’t really give a fuck. As for me, I don’t really give a fuck about the wind that’s now blowing, or about much anything else in this series. Oh, Aoi’s still in that silly storeroom. I wonder if they’ll give her something to do, one of these days?

In Kyoukai no Kanata 8 they begin to aggressively push the story. It looks like a good one, too, if I could figure out exactly what happened.

This is the point where I sort of lost track.
This is the point where I sort of lost track.

Not sure what that first bit with Izumi and whoever she was meant, nor that bit where she reported to whoever HE was. But it apparently all has to do with the calm, we are told many times by many people, which is a bad time for yoomu because they’re weakened and become easy prey for people like his best friends. Worse, Akihito’s only half demon and no one really knows about them, so be doubly careful, Akihito, okay? Akihito is too busy falling asleep and having nightmares to pay much attention, so everyone else looks out for him, though I haven’t the foggiest idea what that train scene meant, if he’s actually down with a fever at Ayaka’s place.

Yet another train scene.  This one isn't even running.
Yet another train scene. This one isn’t even running.

Actually, a lot of scenes take place in trains or other forms of transportation this episode, and they usually end unhappily. There’s that odd scene with Izumi, another one with Mitsuki and Hiroomi, which comes after one between Hiroomi and Miroku, where the truck blows up. And Miroku and Mitsuki ride in a car. There were a lot of trains in the Hollow Shadow episode, too, but why trains? I watched all this and the only things that sort of made sense was the fact that the Spirit World Warriors want to snatch Akihito, while the Nase team, who has interfered on his behalf before, stand in their way. And Akihito’s about to, er, demonize again, and while I figure it’s only healthy to let your demon loose every now and then, I worry for Ayaka’s nice shop.


About 4.5 seconds per gag in Teekyuu 31. The episode felt longer, more introspective, maybe because it was a heartwarming flashback on how this character met that character and joined the tennis club.

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