Quick ones: Galilei 7, Biyori 8, Teekyuu 32

Won’t be able to post much for a few days, so I’m pushing this post out and will probably not try to write about the other shows until next week.

Sorry, Goldfish.
Sorry, Goldfish.

Galilei Donna 7 is one of the more depressing ones, but there’s not much to say about it except that all the ships in this show function underwater, too, and Anna is secretly working for Roberto, which would explain why the bad guys always seem to wind up where the good guys are. Oh, and overwhelmed by the forces of money and power, Roberto manages to turn the Goldfish into scrap iron, and take the pendant away from the girls. Never mind Kazuki giving it to him, that little moral dilemma was pointless since he would have taken the pendant anyway, and probably killed them all. But it was a nice idea that the girls decide to continue on the journey to find the sketches, with no one trying to kill them this time, and find another way to this world-saving energy-saving source. It gives the show something to do, and will probably mean the pirates will come back, because how else are they going to get to Japan now that the Goldfish is trashed?


Non Non Biyori 8 is very pretty with its fall colors, but it suffers, not from having too much Komari, but too much about the same old things about Komari. She’s short for her age and is put upon by her younger and taller sister. And the first half of this episode is about how she wants be feel more mature, and how a neighbor named Konomi meets Hotaru and Komari and finds the younger Hotaru more sophisticated. Things get better when some girls go sketching, mainly because Renge’s in it, and while the show again suggests that she’s some sort of savant, not that exciting, I still like the character too much to care. Also, the show gets to show off more of its lovely background art, autumn forest variety. Later we go back to Komari, but this one is livened up by the process of drying persimmons. I didn’t know you did it like that. Hell, I didn’t even know people dried persimmons at home at all.


Teekyuu 32 comes in at 3.75 seconds per gag! That’s the spirit, girls! Though they repeated the nattou gag from earlier.

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