Kill 10, Asukara 9-10, Coppelion 10

I agree with Ryuuko: that isn't a uniform.
I agree with Ryuuko: that isn’t a uniform.

Kill la Kill 10 continues as before. Computer guy Inumuta is rather easily defeated, so they have plenty of time to start the battle with Jakuzure, which, so far is also predictable. Bad guy does something outrageous, hurts Ryuuko, who gets her suit to do something even more outrageous, and wins, well, at least the first battle. The only bits of plot to worry about is that her suit is evolving too quickly, says Mikisugi. What will happen then? Will it go berserk? Will Ryuuko? We also learn that Mako is Ryuuko’s source of calm and healing, so now I’m afraid for her life. It would not be inappropriate to kill her off, sad as I would be to see her go.

I am still having problems enjoying Nagi no Asukara, for a couple of reasons.

They're like zombies.
They’re like zombies.

First, we have what is essentially a fairy-tale world but with “realistic” modern-day characters living in it. Some of it translates well enough. There’s a mutual suspicion between the people above and below the surface that disrupts the personal lives of individuals. This is no different from certain combinations of real-life countries or cultures, and it’s also nothing new. But the fairy-tale world gives us constraints I don’t like. For me it comes hardest when I see all the people below sacrificing their next 50-100 years to a slumber ordained by a head priest I don’t really trust, anyway, and I’m not crazy about that god, either. I must be the growing mistrust in any sort of faith in deities, buts every time I watch Hikari raving against Uroko, or his father, I smile. Even the suggested solution, restoring the festival, is a bow to this belief system. I can accept that this is the world the story is about, so shut up, but then I want to start analyzing every little bit of it. Well, I’ve wanted to do that ever since episode one where they were cooking breakfast underwater. You give me a show with “real” characters. no matter how fanciful, and I’ll start looking for reality everywhere. Would everyone in town agree to this hibernation, apart from the kids? And is it going to get cold all over the world? Could they relocate? No one seems capable of thinking about anything but the place right in front of them.

Or someone.
Or someone.

The other problem is with the characters. In episode 10 Kaname confesses to Isaki, thus complicating the love triangle by making it a square, and I could not care less. I also couldn’t understand or care too much about why Manaka was so shocked when Hikari suddenly hugged her. I don’t care who winds up with whom, only that they’re letting adolescent emotions get in the way when their town is facing the worst crisis it’s ever had. Episode 10 DOES have some nice little scenes of people taking stock of the situation, including the little girls. Kaname’s confession is a consequence of it as well. But there’s a disconnect between the high-schoolers’ crushes and the big picture that makes it hard for me to care about it. The big picture, for all its faults, is more interesting.

At times this show can be pretty funny on purpose.
At times this show can be pretty funny on purpose.

Let’s get the stupid things in Coppelion 10 out of the way. First, Ibara and Haturo manage to stalk the Ozu sisters and listen in on their conversation, yet the Ozus are completely oblivious to Aoi’s shouting and whining. Really, that’s the only thing in the episode that stuck out. Some of the rest was silly, but silly in an entertaining way in an episode full of fighting and chasing around. In fact, Aoi’s reluctant confrontation with the Ozus led to some funny moments, particularly the chase in the swan boats. Aoi is useless enough and Shion nutty enough to get away with it. That the radio was picked up by a guard who just happened to be the father was a stretch, I could forgive it in the heat of the plot. As for the giant robot at the end, well, why the hell not? They’ve tossed in everything else.

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