NouCome 8-9, Monogatari SS 22-23, Teekyuu 33-34


Catching up with NouCome. Let’s see. Episode 8 had Chocolat get hugged by Kanade (Choose!) and transform into a different Chocolat. In this new form she is rational, not a glutton, and pretty damn boring. But she at least is able to give Kanade some important information about his curse (there’s ANOTHER damn god doing it!) before something lands on her head and she returns to “normal.” The stupid Chocolat is useless, but she’s more entertaining to watch. I expect whenever the show needs to give us some important background information she’ll get whacked on the head again, rather a painful plot device, I must say. Meanwhile, Seira is screwing around with Kanade for reasons we don’t know, and the nutty girls are still nutty. Typical episode.


As for episode 9, we get the expected swimsuit episode, one where Kanade somehow has to make the always cheerful and crazy Ouka cry, and it’s not resolved yet, because of the rule of “no cheating.” He’s about to squirt onion extract into her face when it backfires on him. Seira is aware of this, meaning she’s not only in on Kanade’s curse, but, unlike Utage, seems to be an actual insider. Maybe the mysterious god behind all this? Will we get our answer next week? We’d better, it’s the final episode. As for THIS episode, it lurches from one typical pool scene episode cliché to another, while again, inexplicably, making me laugh along the way. Probably my favorite bit was Chocolat’s speech while judging a Sexy Man contest that turns into a yaoi fantasy, and no one minds.


Monogatari SS‘s last two episodes are little more than slow, deliberate construction of Kaiki’s deception of Nadeko. Though what strikes me about them is not so much the Nadeko situation, though that IS interesting, but the odd relationship Kaiki has developed with Senjougahara. Kaiki robbed her family blind and caused its breakup, then messed around with some middle-school girls, all reasons why she should absolutely hate him, and she probably still does. So when she turns to him to help save Araragi’s life (and hers, though Kaiko notes that this isn’t as important to her), Kaiko can’t help but take note of the fact. Is that why he’s behaving almost kindly to her? Out of pity? I can’t see it from him, though his purported reason for helping in the first place still feels like a stretch. It’s an odd place that these people are at, and episode 23 plays with that in the opening credits.


As for the story at hand we get a view of Nadeko now. As Kaiki said, she’s an airhead, probably insane, but apart from this killing Araragi, et al., she might be a fun god to worship. Kaiki’s opinion of her is pretty much what we already knew, that she was spoiled, forced to be cute, and had something going on that no one knew about, though with the opening of the closet at the end of ep23 I suspect we’ll find out more about that. But if you make her a god and do the proper worship things she’s probably your BFF. Gaen seems to think so, so Ononoki gets sent to tell Kaiki to drop the fool-Nadeko project. However, Gaen seems to know less than she thinks (or is saying less than we hear), since her plan of making Shinobu the local god couldn’t possibly work (and she should know why, since she’s aware of the black thing that nearly took Mayoi). And here Kaiki makes a decision that will probably cause a lot of grief: take the money but not drop the operation. The consequences of which (along with the closet) will become apparent in the next episode or two, maybe.


In seconds per gag terms, Teekyuu is in a slump. Both episode 33 and 34 average a gag every 6.4 seconds. But the frantic pace hasn’t slowed down, they’re just taking more time to develop their deep, thought-provoking situations.

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