Biyori and Teekyuu: finales to wrap up the the season and the year

Happy New Year everyone! I’m safely sitting in my apartment, stocked up with food for tomorrow, when nothing will be open, and contemplating cleaning my kitchen, such as it is, getting ready to watch a couple things I won’t write about. But first: I’m a little sad to see Non Non Biyori go.

Bye girls!
Bye girls!

Episode 12’s first half wasn’t much, but it summed up the problem with this show. Hotaru and Komari go on a picnic out in the country, well, okay, the entire show is out in the country. More of the lovely scenery that helps make this show pleasant to watch … and then they go for the inedible “I made you a bento” gag and run with it for far too long. The only good part was Hotaru’s happy insistence on eating the unintentionally crispy yakisoba so that Komari won’t feel bad, finally getting the courage to resist … then Komari holds out some weird dessert and says “Say Ahh!” But a long, painful scene to get to that moment.

Hotaru in a field of renge.
Hotaru in a field of renge.

Part two was much better. Hotaru’s family go walking on a lovely spring day and we follow them for a while, no words necessary. We have no idea where they’re going; we’re just enjoying the view. It reminded me of the “Renge makes a friend” episode from a long time ago, and it made me wonder why the show didn’t do more of these scenes and take advantage of country locale and it’s more relaxed atmosphere. Turns out the family has joined the others in order to clean up some roads, and the girls spend the rest of the time searching for edible plants. It shifts from one character to another, we get the inevitable bit where Hotaru doesn’t know which plants are edible, but it’s quick and causes no trouble. Renge, or course, steals every scene she’s in (though I can’t believe she didn’t know or hadn’t seen before the flower that bears her name). There’s no story beyond any of it, just a bunch of people looking for plants on a lovely spring day. The rest of the series should have been more like this. When they tried for standard gag scenes it was dull. When they celebrated life in the country, it felt as restful as Tamayura, and the added comic bits gave it a mischievous edge. Well, it was a nice show. There should be one like this every season.

One more of Renge.
One more of Renge.

And there was Teekyuu, THE GREATEST ANIME SHOW EVER!! The finale had a gag ratio of 4.28, better than average. It was one of the better episodes too. They take exams and one of them loses a pancreas.


But when is season four? I WILL NOT SLEEP UNTIL I KNOW!


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