Winter 2014 new shows #1

Azuma's going to be your friend whether you like it or not.
Azuma’s going to be your friend whether you like it or not.

Pupipo! actually began a couple weeks ago and I found episode three just today. It’s a short (4 minutes) show, about a girl named Wakaba, who can see spirits so is ostracized by her classmates. On her first day of middle school she is befriended, Mako-style, by Azuma, who actually love the occult. It all sounds routine, but even with the length and the silly tone the show has some depth to it. Azuma is more socially experienced and can turn whatever the mean classmates say against them, a good friend to have around. So is Pupipo, the cute little pink ghost Wakaba adopts, because it can eat the ghosts that try to attack Azuma out of jealousy. Episode 3 has a boy who’s been teasing Wakaba getting verbally destroyed by Azuma (“You LIKE her, don’t you!”) then possessed by a nearby spirit who makes the boy channel its own rage, until Pupipo intervenes. Poor kid.

The first student council proclamation of the new season.
The first student council proclamation of the new season.

Seitokai Yakuindomo returns and is exactly the same as it was before, except the reintroducing the characters stuff took half the episode because there are more characters. And we had an opening bit on a jet plane that had nothing to do with anything. Oh, and there was a dog. Of the new characters I suppose the most important is Toki, a sort of delinquent who’s friends with Tokomi, since they spent a lot of time with her, actually giving her a little story. Too soon to tell yet, but it appears she’ll be sharing the exasperated comments duties with Takatoshi and Suzu, who, by the way, seems even shorter than before. Everyone else is already in full-bore pervert mode. The show helpfully gets us back in the groove by announcing when someone has a dirty joke coming up, but I’m sure they’ll take the training wheels off next week. Welcome back, everyone, I think.

The closing credits were good and weird, though.
The closing credits were good and weird, though.

RC’s preview of Imouto no Yousu ga Chotto Okashiinda ga suggests that once it gets in gear it’s an effective show, but in episode one we had poor Mitsuki molested by a ghost (complete with eroge captions), and had a chastity belt stuck on her that comes off for three minutes per hour so she can pee. This meant a lengthy scene where all she had to hold it in. This is all done by a ghost that sometimes takes over her body and comes on to her stepbrother, Yuuya (who is a decent sort and so is confused rather than turned on). I don’t know why Mistuki’s been stuck with all this. She’s got enough problems with her mother and new father flying off to India all of sudden. In other words, episode one is pretty much a downer all around, and it’s supposed to be a comedy. I’ll try episode two and see if the mood changes.


Finally we have, er, Nobunagun, about a high school girl named Ogura, a cheerful, loner gun nut who has dreams about Oda Nobunaga, out with her class on a trip to Taiwan. Naturally, monster creatures come out of the sea and hitherto secret forces raise the alarm to kill them. Ogura is caught in the middle and is rushing to help a popular classmate who was nice to her earlier when latent powers within her decide this would be a good time to wake up, and suddenly she has a big gun, and Nobunaga’s spirit is laughing in the background. Take away the stylized art and it’s like a lot of shows. Boy jumps into pilot cockpit, girl picks up magical sphere, etc. But after a slovenly-paced start it’s fun enough to watch. Ogura could be an interesting character. She’s a loner but has none of the typical high school social resentment baggage, because she doesn’t carry it around. If Asao the popular girl wants to talk to her, fine. If not, that’s okay too. And at the end she shows a good, healthy blood-lust. All in all, not bad.

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