Winter 2014 #3, where I fall behind.

Falling behind because of time constraints. Will probably want to watch and report more tomorrow, but if I don’t keep churning them out I’ll never catch up.

Nobunaga the Fool … hee!

Well, *I* am.
Well, *I* am.

First we start with Jeanne D’Arc getting burned at the stake and Nobunaga getting killed however he got killed (I’m not much for Japanese history), then there’s stuff about two stars, the western one being peaceful and the eastern one full of war, and Oda Nobunaga is part of that, too. Jeanne is hanging out on the western star, having weird dreams and being called a witch, until Leonardo Da Vinci shows up, natch, and off they go to take care of a prophecy. Meanwhile Oda gets an inkling of an invading force so he goes and warns the nearby fort, who tells him to shut up, and gets clobbered by the invading force. Meanwhile, Jeanne and Leonardo are on a spaceship headed for the eastern star (piloted by Magellan, and they’re all servants of King Arthur by the way) when they’re compelled to hijack the giant mecha stashed on board, which crash-lands on the battlefield where Nobunaga and his pals have agreed to take over the world, I think. Oda gets in the cockpit … And I think I’ve found this season’s answer to Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere. I don’t know if this is a good or bad thing.

Well, Sonico's manager at least is interesting.
Well, Sonico’s manager at least is interesting.

I watched all of Super Sonico the Animation waiting for something to happen, and I suppose a lot did. Sonico woke up, was late for class, rushed to a photo session where she wore too little, rushed to her grandma’s bar to waitress, then off to her band rehearsal. I suppose watching a day in the life is as good to introduce a series as any, but I didn’t find much about it interesting. On probation.

Words of encouragement from the co-pilot.
Words of encouragement from the co-pilot.

Toaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta stars a guy named (according to the fansub I watched) Kal-El, but there seems to be no connection intended. Instead we got aerial combat, young pilots, floating battleships, and no Klaus, Lavie or Fam Fan Fan in sight. I’m out of references, so I’ll get on with it: Kal and his sister, Ari, head off to pilot training full of big ceremonies and a floating mountain of all things, while he fights back the occasional flashback of unexplained blind rage. He has a busy day. They travel to camp, meet the bad guy or rival plus a couple new friends, and even picks up a nice girl named Claire along the way. You get the impression that the series has big stuff in mind and is content to set up the basics for now. I’m not crazy about training scenes, but maybe the bad thing they keep hinting at will happen sooner. And if not, if it’s done as patiently, without screwing up (though the two seemed to fall in love awful fast), as the opening episode, I will be patient with it. We could use another series that thinks big.

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