Winter 2014 #4

Continuing …


D-Frag! is crazy and energetic enough, but episode one left a bad taste in my mouth. There’s a Game Creation Club which is in danger of folding because they don’t actually create games, so they’re off to recruit. They somehow latch on to an up-and-coming delinquent named Kazana and make his life miserable for most of the episode. Kaz and his two buddies seemingly have no defense against these bizarre women who take on different “types” in their attack, showing that they are worthless deliquents or that’s just the nature of the show. I kept wanting to say to Kaz “Just walk out the door,” but as usual, anime characters never listen to me. Well, there’s a hint of romance between Kaz and the diminutive blond president Roka, but even so. I’m not sure about this one.


Hamatora … maybe. It’s hard to tell after one episode, especially one that insists on introducing a lot of characters in it. Especially especially when they want to go to some lengths to show us how quirky they all are. We got two guys with super powers who run a detective agency of sorts, along with a lot of hangers-on and support. Nice is the name of the one we follow the most, and so he’s naturally the more altruistic (and starving) of the two. Episode one, besides having the characters posing a lot and doing not-so-witty banter, consists of two assignments they get which are actually one. They hop from one to another (while still posing and bantering) to the point of confusion, but it all makes sense in the end. Too much coincidence in it but otherwise a decently-told story. The whole thing is trying to look like Durarara! but I worry it will become another … you know, that very forgettable show where everything was tinted blue. Hopefully the detective format will help to keep it in line.

Welcome back everyone!
Welcome back everyone!

Chuu2Koi 2 is exactly what I would thought it would be. Reintroduce the characters and their basic weirdnesses, a good fight between Shinka and Sanae, a cosmic battle for interdimensional supremacy with Tooka, and Kumin and the cat hang around doing little. They even delayed Tooka’s flight to Italy so she could have the battle, well, and t0 take care of the episode’s plot: don’t tell anyone that Yuuta and Rikka are shacking up! Everyone looks to be in good form. I guess this season’s big story will begin next week when the new girl shows up.

This pretty much tells you what the show's about.
This pretty much tells you what the show’s about.

After that I watched a shortie, Onee-chan ga Kita, about a boy who’s new older sister is obsessed with him. Well, it’s only two minutes.


And I’ll end here with Hikakunin de Shinkoukei, where our nice, normal heroine Kobeni wakes up on her sixteenth birthday to discover she’s engaged to a guy named Hakuya, and he and his elementary school sister Mashiro are moving in that very day. To add some spin to what could be a dismal setup, Hakuya is taciturn the point of scariness, and tends to vanish when there’s no need for him in the situation, which is useful because the girls are much more interesting. Kobeni’s older sister Benio dotes on her, but she’s more than happy to have a sister in law to dote on too. Little Mashiro is bossy and a little irritating until Benio starts working on her; now that she has something to fear she’s more fun to watch. And there are the school friends; they don’t get much screen time this week but the show wasted no time getting their basic motivations and opinions working on what is already a complicated set of relationships. With that in mind, I’m thinking this show could be brilliant or a little dull. I don’t think it’s going to be bad.

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