Winter 2014 #5: still treading water

... during the battle.
… during the battle.

Mahou Sensou has Takeshi, yet another normal high school lad, heading to kendo practice at his school, when a girl falls out of the room next to his. He takes her to the infirmary where she wakes up and threatens to shoot him. Takeshi is more bewildered than anything, even after three goons show up to take the girl (named Mui) away. There’s a quick battle and escape and then one of the goofier scenes of the new season takes place. The goons catch up, so does Takeshi’s girlfriend and some sidekick, and there takes place a long infodump with a little fighting mixed in. The villains in this show are very polite not to interrupt Mui when she’s explaining something to the incredulous humans. Also, turns out magic is like a sort of communicable disease, and Mui has just given it to everyone, so naturally the other girl’s boobs start growing. Now they’re all off to magic school together. … Mmm, probably I’ll let it drop here.


StrangeX is another short one. Detectives, basically. You get the idea from the picture above.


Hoozuki no Reitetsu stars Hozuki, demon from hell, as he goes about solving the various administrative problems you get down there. Hell has nearly 300 sections, so you can imagine the bureaucratic nightmares they have. You can also imagine that Hozuki is stressed out a lot, yet manages to do his job ruthlessly well. It’s an entertaining view of hell, to be sure. They pass by an iron maiden (in use) and Hozuki wonders where they got the budget for it, meanwhile Heaven’s bugging them for part-time help, that sort of thing. Episode one wasn’t bad, a laid-back affair with one little story and a lot of chatting the way co-workers do. Some of the jokes depend on Japanese legends, so they went whoosh over my head, but otherwise this could be a fun show to watch every week.

The good guys.
The good guys.

So far none of the new shows I’ve watched have really excited me, but few of them are worthy of dropping after one episode. ZX Ignition is an exception. We’re thrown into the middle of a complex and ridiculous story where giant black domes appear on earth and nasty things come out of it, wreaking havoc on the surprised and overwhelmed human race. We jump to now and discover the nasty things, called ZX (for, ahem, “Zillions of Enemy X”) have have split into factions and are fighting each other. Okay, I can get with that, but we also see that humankind have pretty much gone back to normal, practically ignoring the monstrous things that look like characters from game cards, which is, of course, exactly what they are. After some early skirmishing between people controlling ZX, introduced by captions, as are the ZX, so I can barely remember any names, we follow Tennouji, a new card-holder who is trying to stop the red ZX from invading Kobe with the use of clumsy dialogue, but he and his angelic ZX are matched by some guy with glasses, his own ZX and their own clumsy dialogue. All the while I was wonder what the normal human beings think of all this. Then we flash back a week and learn that back then Tennouji was one of those normal people. But by that point I was past caring.


Go! Go! 575 has, so far, two characters, Maccha, the straight-girl and Azuka, who is afraid of kites and capable of spouting random things or staring deeply at pancake ad flyers. She reminds me a bit of one of the Yu’s from Yuyushiki, or maybe one of the Aiura girls, so this might be worth keeping an eye on. Besides, it’s only three minutes long.

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