WInter 2014 #6


Hm, Sakura Trick has girls actually kissing. No hinting or beating around the bush, no “are they or aren’t they?” like in other shows. Haruka and Yuu actually kiss, on purpose. More than once. That’s refreshing, an actual yuri show, though this one is more gag-oriented than some. It’s the early days of their first year in high school, Haruka and Yuu go through the usual opening ceremonies stuff, like classrooms (they’re together!), seating arrangements (bad luck!), new classmates (Yuku, Kaede, Kotone, and Shizuku, all of who stick to the sidelines for this episode). Haruka seems like the more sensible girl, partly because we see most things from her perspective. But the show does a good job of demonstrating her weaknesses (mainly jealousy), so that the more airheaded Yuku often doesn’t seem so bad. The jokes didn’t work terribly well, but they have the other characters to introduce, so I’ll give it a chance.

Dogs aren't supposed to do that.
Dogs aren’t supposed to do that.

The long-delayed Pupa will attempt to answer a question its existence makes: can you really DO horror in three minute episodes? We don’t even get an answer to that, because episode one is, er, only three minutes. We see a nice girl named Yume in the park waiting for onii-chan, warned to stay away from the red butterflies, and then she encounters a not-so-nice looking pooch. The show gives us some gore in the first three minutes, which is nice of them, but then, poof, the episode’s over and I’m writing this. Maybe it’s going to be one story development thing every episode, with gratuitous blood dripped on top.


I didn’t finish the first season of Silver Spoon, to my regret, so I decided not to watch the second season until I have. But in case I need some agricultural school comedy I can watch Nourin, though here the school is a backdrop for topical laughs rather than a setting where I might actually learn something. We have Kousaku, your average highschooler, who has a serious thing for pop idol he calls Yukatan. One day she suddenly retires, and appears in the last scene as a transfer student, though no one has figured that out yet. In between, we have lots of flamboyant character introductions. Everyone in the show is weird, including the homeroom teacher who has some of the best moments as her speeches go from ditzy and cute to self-loathing. The core group of Kousaku, Minori, and Kei have some good scenes, too. It looks like a silly, manic series, and I tend to like those if they can keep up the energy.


Wake Up Girls! is the beginning of the making of an idol group. They did one small Christmas Eve concert in Sendai, their home, and then their prez ran off with the company’s money. Episode one has the girls and their uninspiring manager Matsuda wondering if they’ll ever get another job, is it the end, or do they really want to do this? Then another agency steps in and from the swimsuit he was showing them I don’t think things will get better, though I don’t know why they care so much since they kept flashing the audience during their show anyway. I had a hard time finishing this episode. We meet each girl as they meet up and talk … and say the same things over and over. The dialogue is deadly-dull and the seiyuu, all new, don’t have the experience to make anything of it. I MIGHT watch another episode to give it a chance.

2 thoughts on “WInter 2014 #6

  1. Wow. Six review posts for the new season – impressive! I always enjoy reading your reviews and noting our differences of opinion. It’s fun and fascinating! I like understanding where my trusted sources are coming from with respect to their standards for good action, comedy, slice-of-life, drama, and romance.

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