Nobunaga the Fool 2-3, Chuunibyou Ren 2-3

... As Jeanne quietly rethinks her mission ...
… As Jeanne quietly rethinks her mission …

Nobunaga the Fool 2 is mostly talk as the reps from both stars settle down and talk seriously, or with grand gestures like Da Vinci and Oda both do, or not much because people ignore her because she’s a girl, in Jeanne’s case. Then again, the sexual harassment Hideyoshi tried to inflict on her (don’t try to fondle a girl with armored gloves, Hideyoshi) might have turned her off the show’s characters, oh, that’s right, except for Oda because she was destined to meet him. Well, she has, so maybe she ought to rethink this whole visit. Meanwhile DaVinci swears loyalty to Oda for no real reason except he can pilot the giant mecha, now known as “the fool,” and back on the east star, Julius Caesar leaves Camelot to get it back. And Oda makes that coming-of-age ceremony anyway. What a guy!


I reread the above just now and maybe I should say that I actually liked the episode. I liked episode 3 even more. It’s the same weird mix of cultures, history and big speeches, but with a big fight thrown in as well. This is the invading Takeda clan again. Their leader Shingen gets news of the new Oda superweapon (while they sit in the coolest palace I’ve ever seen, with that giant animal skull) and decides to test it against their own superweapon, powered by a regalia (one of the many weird things they haven’t fully explained yet). Nobunaga single-handedly beats up on the enemy’s lesser mecha while his men stand around and marvel and Jeanne has weird visions, until the others arrive with the Fool, and Takeda with is big red thing. More fighting, an odd intervention by that small girl Himiko, who tricks Nobunaga into marrying her (none of these clever people saw it coming, while we at home were giggling at him), and, most importantly, more speechifying! Silly series are usually the most fun if they’re done right, and so far that’s just what they’re doing.

I worry about this sometimes, too.
I worry about this sometimes, too.

Chuunibyou Ren 2 is all setup for the disruption, because first we have to get some things straight between Yuuta and Rikka before that happens, namely, the nature of their relationship. After a lightweight first half the two go on a date on the second; I was surprised how much I enjoyed watching it. Chalk it up to the breezy feel the production makes of it and to the fact that apart from a hand-holding bit there’s almost no pressure on either of them, in fact, that becomes the point. They’ll take their romance at the pace they’re comfortable with. That’s good, though Rikka seems determined to not progress in any side of her life. Her helpless behavior at the supermarket made me wonder if she didn’t need some sort of psychological help.


Episode 3 promised a lot but in the end there was nothing to it that we didn’t know coming in. Satone, a middle-school friend of Yuuta’s and the origin of his delusions, comes to his school, has a cosmic battle with Rikka (which goes on too long, the first time I’ve said that about the fantasy sequences in this series), slips past Rikka’s defenses into their apartment, all expected of her. But then … she backs off, or seems to. She’s actually happy that Yuuta and Rikka have their “contract.” That pulls the rug out of the multiple-episode story arc I was expecting. Hell, I thought much of the season was going to be about this love triangle. Now, she could be lying, making a strategic withdrawal from a scene she could not win, but I’m not getting an insidious vibe from her. The characters in this show are all way too obvious to be devious. Well, I’m going to assume that the show is not done with Satone yet, and that there’s some more play in the triangle, especially after that final scene outside the apartment, but I think they’re going to look elsewhere for their big plot devices.

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