Kill 15, Asukara 16, catching up with Nourin and Zvezda


Kill la Kill 15 is so eager to get to the action that it cuts the OP short, and what we get is a lot of mayhem. First a battle to polish off Takarada, and most of Osaka, in a philosophical match between greed and fear (fear wins), then Ryuuko, da da-dAA!, shows up. Also the other Devas, and Nudist Beach. There’s a lot more fighting and more stuff gets destroyed. Meanwhile, Ryuuko and Satsuki and having their own philosophical and physical struggle. Satsuki looks like she’s winning, twice, but both times Ryuuko and Senketsu pull something out of their ass and in the end it’s a draw. Meanwhile, Osaka is completely destroyed. Frankly, it’s all too much. There’s so much fighting and shouting and wild visuals that it’s nearly impossible to keep up, and there wasn’t enough Mako. On the other hand, I hadn’t expected the big duel to occur like that, and maybe now Nudist Beach will vanish. They’ve been utterly useless from the beginning. Oh wait, Aikuro’s going to spill secrets next week, so scratch that.


Nagi No Asukara 16 is dull until near the end, where they throw some weirdness at us. How on earth can Miuna now breathe underwater? Okay, I understand that being Akari’s daughter she might have the genes for it, but I don’t see Tsumugu splashing around, and surely there are other half-bloods out there who might have gained the knack? Well, at least it took my mind off the rest of the episode and its examination of Miuna’s state of mind now that the guy she has a crush on has returned and is magically her own age. Sayu’s little tantrum was a little more interesting, indeed, she never catches a break, but I was wondering if they were just going to start up a whole set of relationships and estimating how much time that would take and should I even care. Then the crane broke and crashed down, Coppelion-like, with no reason. Oh, and Kaname’s appearance at the end should put my fears about new characters and relationships to rest. One thing, though. Miuna’s swim didn’t reveal any evidence of sea people at all? Maybe she was looking at the wrong place?


Meanwhile, Nourin has gone from a promising first episode to one I’m close to dropping. Episode two’s panties stuff was absolutely terrible. Why Yuka or Ringo or whatever she likes to be called didn’t snatch her panties away and ask someone sensible how to use the washing machine ten minutes earlier I have no idea. The fact that she stood there and took it suggests that the show had a few comments to make about men and panties and was going to say them whether they mattered to the story or not. Episode three was a little better because it displayed some of the characters. We get to see Minori’s jealousy and protectiveness toward Hata, as well as Ringo’s surprising toughness, though again the episode brings us no closer to the reason she’s there. Instead it devolves into discussions of swimsuits and bloomers and a big fight in a muddy rice field. I’m the type of viewer who normally likes insane and frantic things in my anime, so I don’t mind the speed or the quick gags, but c’mon, people, get to the story.

Waiting for dinner.
Waiting for dinner.

In other new show news, Sekai Seifuku: Bouryaku no Zvezda episode 2 (I haven’t seen ep 3 as I’m writing this paragraph) should have been a dull episode where Jimon meets all the eccentric members of the secret organization, which is exactly what happens, but it’s not dull at all. While he indeed meets the rest of Zvezda, in spite of his desire to avoid them at all costs, the individual character quirks aren’t predictable, or even sensible, just like them putting out their name on the sign of their headquarters, hastily taken down before the white bird girls show up. Taken down, by the way, by Jimon, surprisingly helping his dangerous, unwanted comrades out. That might have been the oddest moment of all. Also, while there’s plenty of weirdness to go around, we also note that they’re offering Jimon, who’s run away from home, a family, and by cooking for them he has found his place there.

I think I'm in trouble.
I think I’m in trouble.

And since I smoke, I probably shouldn’t say anything about episode three because I’m biased, or I’m scared Zvezda will find me. The episode was entertaining enough, and it balanced the rights of non-smokers to breathe fresh air with the hysteria that a cause can instill in people nicely, so the smokers are both aggressors and victims. But it felt off-balance with the attention paid to Yasu. Why we needed so much background information on this man, absolutely useless so far, is beyond me. On the other hand, if they’re going to do more character studies, I hope they’re as crazy as this one.

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