Kill 16, Asukara 17, Fool 4

Kill la Kill 16 tries its hardest to make a recap/infodump episode entertaining as any regular one, and nearly succeeds.

Infodump imagery.
Infodump imagery.

I say “nearly” because about 3/4 of the way in my interest began to flag. We were, after all, getting the same information twice. Their trick to keeping us going (besides the interest in the info itself) was to show Ryuuko and Satsuki getting filled in, the former with the constantly preening Aikuro and the always fun Mako adding their own bits, and the latter with an, er, steamy bathing session between Satsuki and her mother, okay, well, that comes before the infodump, but it primes us for it, or something. And so we learn–twice–that life fibers are a parasitic alien species that came to Earth looking for hosts and enhanced early man when they found them. The difference is that the Kiryuin family is on the fibers’ side, and Nudist Beach is against it.

All infodump episodes should end with something like this.
All infodump episodes should end with something like this.

What kept me at home from dozing with snot-bubbles coming out of my nose, like Mako, besides the overall crazy tone and 30-second recap (excellent touch) are the questions it raises, especially at the end when Ryuuko rebels and declares Senketsu to be more than a manufactured weapon to oppose the Kiryuins and the life-fibers. With all the info we get, I forgot about him. We get some quick shots of him going hmm and ohhh, since he is actually learning about the reason for his own existence the same time we are. But only Ryuuko makes a moral decision and give Senketsu a choice to fight or not. he would doubtless say yes, if Ryuuko wanted to fight,anyway. I wonder if he feels bound by duty just as the four Devas on the other side do? However, I doubt that the show has this angle in mind, though it contrasts nicely with the early scenes showing Satsuki having more trouble controlling her godrobe than she’s letting on. Anyway, good episode, and now we have a lot to chew on while we await the sports festival and cultural festival episodes. I was hoping they would get to those.

Which sums up the show nicely.
Which sums up the show nicely.

Nagi no Asukara 17 tosses the word “change” every minute. This week Kanade, newly returned to the sea, is our change-boy, or not change-boy. The whole “change” thing is getting annoying. Kanade tells Chisaki that she hasn’t changed (didn’t Hikari say the same thing last week?) and to show that he hasn’t either, pretty much confesses again. Meanwhie Sayu feels she has a chance with him now, but he doesn’t recognize her at first, so the poor girl STILL can’t catch a break. Miuna has the same problem with Hikari, who loudly proclaims how HE doesn’t want to change because he doesn’t want to freak out Manaka when she wakes up, all said with Miuna conveniently hearing. But Sayu has the right idea. She’ll get over this schoolgirl heartbreak, and while the show tries to make her seem bitter as she says it, it can’t make her words a lie. Well, at least Miuna, now developing ena, can help the boys out as they go to search for another way back to Shioshishio. Oh, the next key word they have in store is “sick.” People use it more than usual and usually for no reason.


Nobunaga the Fool 4 … now it’s becoming a little routine, though fast moving. Most of the episode consists of quick scenes where plot bits are pushed around, such as showing us those who are thinking of getting rid of Nobunaga, continued work on new armor, with DaVinci and the Eastern Star techies working together. Jeanne practices eastern swordsmanship with a bored Nobunaga … she lacks focus, apparently, and his betrothed, Himiki goes around looking for him a lot. The only sustained scene we get is the betrothal (not a marriage) ceremony, full of western star special effects and quite ridiculous, especially because it simply happens with not interruption by the plot. Well, last week they had a big battle, so I guess the show is recharging.

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