Kill 17, Asukara 18, Chuunibyou Ren 5

My reaction to Kill la Kill 17, for the record, was “… the FUCK??!?” Then I tried to figure out when we could have gotten a clue for this.

Maybe here?
Maybe here?

And little comes to mind. Last week, Ragyo told Satsuki all about the life-fibers plans to take over the world, but because of her blasé reaction I wasn’t sure whether Satsuki had heard it before or not. Obviously, given that she built that high school as a place of defense against the life-fibers, we now know the answer. But considering all the cruelties Satsuki had inflicted on the poor students there, you wonder if the defense against the fibers is any more humane than them taking over the earth. Hmm, fascist police state or assimilation into an alien life form. Interesting decision.

I completely misread this moment.  Heh.
I completely misread this moment. Heh.

Naturally, this betrayal means the dynamics and relationships in the show are almost unknown now. Is Satsuki going to fight alongside Ryuuko? I had that on my list of future possibilities. What is Ragyo going to do next week? She seemed almost amused to get stabbed by her daughter, and I’m a little surprised that (a) she didn’t see it coming, and (b) her own outfit didn’t repel the blow. The student council are all behind Satsuki, of course, but for how long? What about Nonon? Where does Nui fit into all this? Of all the characters in the show, she’s the only one whose motives are a complete mystery. I’m looking forward to seeing where the characters all land. And to think that up to the end, this looked like a slow episode, with more infodumps and quiet scenes.

Mako's family is serious when it matters, and food always matters.
Mako’s family is serious when it matters, and food always matters.

I’m only disappointed in a couple of things. I thought when little Mataro announced he had sold his outfit that he would have a part to play in the craziness, but it looks like he’ll be another comic bystander after all. Also, since this was meant to be a culture and sports festival, I was looking forward to Trigger having fun with those old anime tropes. Also, though the show did its best to keep us entertained, the episode WAS mostly infodumps and quiet scenes. Well, I’ll forgive it for the ending.


Nagi no Asukara 18 has the three kids managing to find their way to Shioshishio. Certainly a more subdued episode than Kill la Kill’s, and this week, downright creepy. The whole thing was unsettling, the kids walking around and finding people they know hibernating, but looking dead, disturbed each kid in different ways. Finding those sacrificial dolls in that mass grave (which the boys have never seen before), with that hand in the middle holding up Manaka might have been the creepiest moment for some, but for me it was Hikari’s visit to his home. His dad is laying there, hibernating, dusted with salt flakes, and right past his head is the shrine to his deceased wife. Hikari sits and tells him all the news from above, just like you would report the news to your ancestors in Japan. We know the old man isn’t dead, but it suggests that he’s dead to Hikari, or rather, no longer in the same world. I suppose he isn’t. I’m not sure what point the show is making here.


As for the doll graveyard, Manaka waking up and losing her ena, I suppose you have to go back to Tomoru’s comment (Miuna meets him–amazingly, he doesn’t try to feel her up, but the way he’s jumping about you get the idea he’s not REALLY there, so to speak) about gain something, lose something, for what resembles an answer, lazy and half-assed as it is. So, did Miuna’s gaining of the sea ability the reason Manaka lost hers? Maybe, but it doesn’t feel right. Never mind that, what was the deal with that hand? Best I can think of is that it belongs to the sea god. One other thing: Miuna’s visit to the school and seeing all the students had an otherworldly edge, but I suspect Tomoru was responsible for that. All in all, it was an effective episode, maybe because they played with the mysteries more than they did the relationships for a change. Because there was more of a balance, both aspects were done well. This week.


With Chuunibyou Ren, I now wish that the show had gone with the multi-episode love triangle between Yuuta, Rikka, and Satone, because now the series is stuck with stand-alones which would be dreadful if not for the work of the animators. So this week Kumin gets something to do besides nap, and that is to teach the others to nap. They’re in training, you see, for a napping tournament with another school, because they have to present a reason for their club to exist, and Rikka can’t even read a prepared speech about magic research in their defense. Rikka gets worse every week. Being unconscious is perhaps the most undramatic thing one can do but the show manages to make it work. Fortunately napping leads to dreams, which means we get a decent fantasy sequence in competition. But it’s clear that the series is spinning its wheels now. What are they going to do next week? An episode featuring Isshiki? He’s the most annoying person in the series, so much so that all the other characters have pretty much come to ignore whatever he does now. How about Yumeha? I bet an episode featuring her would be cute. What about the cat?

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