Kill 18, Nisekoi 5, Yakuindomo bleh 6

I didn’t think it was possible but I believe Kill la Kill just topped itself.


Last week we got a big plot whammy right at the end, after an episode of mostly talk. Now, in episode 18, we get a big info-whammy that changes everything as dramatically as last week’s whammy, and it’s on top of an episode where, I think, everybody fought everybody else for at least one minute … well, maybe not. But we had the Four Devas fighting Nui, Ryuuko fighting Nui, Ryuuko fighting Satsuki, Satsuki fighting Ragyo, Satsuki fighting the brainwashed student body, and the two Nudist Beach people were also there, fighting pointlessly. Just when you were getting interested in one fight they would start another one. And, unlike other episodes, this one stayed fresh and coherent throughout.


… well, apart from the fact that I’m beginning to lose touch with this life fiber business. We get the rebellious Satsuki telling the stadium to burn their Revocs clothing, yet she has no trouble changing into her own. Neither does Ryuuko, but in that case there are nefarious consequences she faces until she and Senketsu literally snap out of it, a moment that itself set up the info-whammy at the end, if only we had known it. Satsuki loses her battle because she never fully bonded with her godrobe, but, at that point, why would she want to?


Also, the big revelation at the end, shocking as it is (and I’m idiotic enough that I didn’t put the pieces together), disappointed me in one way. Not in terms of the plot, but it what it says about the world of the show. Part of the reason we hated (or loved to hate) Satsuki was that she believed the masses should be ruled by a rich and powerful elite, while Ryuuko, mad scientist father notwithstanding, seemed to come from humble origins. Certainly she had a more humble upbringing. One reason to root for her besides her being Mako’s friend. But now the show seems to be giving in to the idea that it’s okay to have a ruling nobility. Has Kill la Kill joined the 1%? That’s as big an issue for me as anything else the show has dished out, and as we see from this episode, this show can dish out plenty.


Nisekoi 5 is still more of the same: a routine comedy given extra strength by the hand of Shaft. Of course, this being a Shaft show it’s going to do Shaft things as well. I suppose that no one at the studio could resist giving a poolside episode as many shots of girls’ boobs and crotches from as many angles as they could manage. Normally I just laugh off fanservice, especially in a high school romcom, but this time I think they overdid it. When they weren’t ogling Kirisaki and Onodera, we get nothing new with the pendant and key business, unless there’s some obfuscation going on, I there might be. I’m not sure I trust Ruri’s motives, and I like the idea that she’s actually working on her interests, i.e., Onodera. And we get some learn-to-swim scenes and everything that comes with that. Really, totally predictable, but great to look at, as usual, even with the fanservice.

Guess the punchline.
Guess the punchline.

In Saitokai Yakuindomo Bleh 6 we get a complete story in the first half, as Shino is approached by a scout for a modeling agency. It’s as predictable as you can get, apart from the dirty jokes, well, that’s predictable in this series anyway. After that, Aria has a corner, we get another episode of that sex-toy-in-the-clubroom story, then some self-defense training by the Judo Club (relatively tame, considering the scene’s potential), and that leads to Kaede’s androphobia, then, another episode in that drama. And Suzu gets by the episode without any jokes about her height, apart from the arrow pointing to the forehead she always gets. Tsuda’s remarks seemed better this week. I think he’s hitting his stride.

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