Asukara 19, Chuunibyou Ren and Nisekoi 6


In Nagi no Asukara 19, I thought maybe they’d get through the entire episode without using the “change” metaphor, but unfortunately it came back later on. Still, they spend most of the episode playing with variations; “suspended” for one. Tsumugu and Chisake both talk about how their lives and relationships have been so since the others have gone. Now that the characters are trickling back (though Manaka hasn’t woken up yet) there’s talk about getting on with their lives, though, like most people who have muttered this, they have no idea where they’ll get on to. It will have its own problems, just like being suspended does. Meanwhile, Chisake can’t figure out whether she’s changing or not, and since she has a pretty dull personality we don’t have an answer, either. But she realizes she still has a thing for Hikari, in spite of the act that she’s college-age and he’s still a middle-schooler, and it won’t be requited. Meanwhile Kanade grumbles, mostly inwardly, about how Chisake is out of his reach now. So she HAS changed. Or not. I wish the characters in this show would make up their minds. One amusing take on this whole tired business. Chisake suggests that this taking away ena business shows that the sea god hasn’t grown up in thousands of years. Still a selfish brat. Like most gods, I’m afraid.

Fun on the school trip.
Fun during the school trip.

Chuunibyou Ren 6 takes our young lovers on their school trip. I didn’t recognize any of that. Where exactly did they go? There were European style gardens and historical Japanese outdoor museum things, but I don’t know where it is, and the episode decided not to tell us, or I just didn’t catch it. Anyway, we have your typical school trip business, meaning some boys try to peek at the girls baths, some ghost stories, and … well, that was it, at least for the boys. They’re not the most intrepid bunch I’ve ever seen in an anime. So, apart from Rikka adding their surroundings into her warped imagination, it’s hardly a school trip episode at all. Mostly they focus on the fact that everyone knows Yuuta and Rikka are dating and keep pressuring them for details, which they don’t have because they haven’t gone that far. So they’re embarrassed and unhappy. It’s taken care of in a sweet little scene or two where Rikka not only shows the gumption that makes a school trip episode worth watching, but actually takes a little initiative in their romance, too. And those night goggles ARE cool. So, some steps forward for Rikka.

They ALWAYS say that.
They ALWAYS say that.

Nisekoi 6 trundles out more of the usual romcom material, this week it’s an attempt to confess by Onodera, and she nearly does, too, except that the gods of high school comedy had to lob a baseball in the window at just the wrong time. Earlier, there was a typical miscommunication scene between our hatebirds involving yesterday’s rescue and CPR kiss, with people listening in, naturally. These people listening in were more interesting than Raku and Chitoge were; in one take Shuu joined in and then vanished for no reason, and in another Ruri just gives up and starts reading. And so the show dithered around with little purpose, even though Onodera and Ruri are now both in on the secret. It’s only at the end, where we learn that Chitoge has a childhood memory of her own, and Claude hires a hit-boy, that the situation changes. The latter will probably lead to a lot of assassination attempts leading to comical near-misses, but it will be a change. The former will certainly screw things up for everyone.

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