Zvezda 7, Dandy 8, Nisekoi 7

Sekai Seifuku – Bouryaku no Zvezda 7, in all its glorious weirdness, actually gets back to an overarching plot line, two, actually.


This show is always cheerfully weird, the fact that the society bent on conquering the world is distracted by a high school treasure hunt should remind us of that from the start. But when the fake legend of the udo stones turns out to be true, or rather, more than a story made up as a part of a trap, well, actually, I kind of expected that. But to then go on a hallucinatory bent where Kate is turned into a fifty-foot tall demon who chases after the terrified and incredulous Jimon in order to “conquer” him, smashing everything in her path, then we know we’re in a special place indeed, at least for this show, even while the rest of the characters are engaged in more mundane things, like shooting each other.


As for the mind-trip sequence, it makes some sort of sense if you take to heart Natasha’s prophecy recital about a “chosen one,” though I didn’t expect kate to grow so tall. Then there are complications, like the words Jimon overhears before hand where Kate says she is not ready and it’s too soon. Or the words she says while chasing Jimon down. “If you won’t let me conquer you then you should conquer me!” which has all sorts of implications to it, some of which, Kate being a small girl, I would rather not contemplate. And then at the climax, she reverts, and that’s it. A taste of things to come, hopefully. It was fun as hell to watch, though the second plotline they’ve rediscovered, the revelation of Jimon’s parents at the end, signals a return to a more mundane story that I’d rather not contemplate for a different reason: it’s dull. Well, the show has managed to inject the weird into the mundane before; let’s hope it does so again.


Space Dandy 8 pulled a nice surprise on us. It wasn’t a heartwarming story about a stray dog (well, a little), or even a parody of a heartwarming story about a stray dog (ditto). The poor pooch dies (gently and probably happily) with half the episode to go and me scratching my head. Until I realized that what those two brothers really were. After that it turns into a silly chase for a while, and after that a decent, good-looking black hole sequence, neither really living up to the potential of hi-tech humanoid fleas on an adventure of their own. But I’ll give them credit for the concept and for the misdirection that the dog gave us.

Seriously, what's up with that sky?
Seriously, what’s up with that sky?

Nisekoi 7 is more routine stuff made nearly surreal by Shaft. For the routine stuff we meet Tsumugi hit man who obviously has a thing for Chitoge and therefore a grudge against Raku. Part of the fun here is that normally Raku would say “Help yourself,” but he’s got a role to play, and there’s the matter of Tsumugi wanting to kill him no matter what. Then we get the reveal at the end, which I’m ashamed to say I didn’t see coming. Also fun was Chitoge’s reaction when Tsumugi challenges Raku to a duel. There’s no way Raku can win this thing, at least physically, but she offers him no help whatsoever. The whole thing goes down smoothly thanks to Shaft’s expert handling of the comic bits … on the other hand, the hallucinatory touches sometimes get a tad distracting.


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