Those Nobunaga shows, and Kill la Kill 22

Trying to think of a joke for this.
Trying to think of a joke for this.

Unfortunately, in Nobunaga the Fool 9, Caesar isn’t dead. I guess I shouldn’t have expected him to be, but smirking bishie villains drive me up the wall. Now he’s teamed up with Uesugi Kenshin, another clan overload, and a bishie himself, but doesn’t smirk and actually seems to be a decent sort; he’s got this power to open up the earth and make mecha fall into it, and with that power you’d think he’d have gone for conquest already, but he hasn’t. But after this new threat is explained to us and news gets out nothing much happens. Nobunaga’s aides were reluctantly accepting Nobunaga as their new boss, but now they have a new reason to doubt him. People are doubting a lot of things in this episode, or searching for answers, from Jeanne to Mitsuhide to even Ichihime, who now obviously has Mitsuhide as her goal. More guilt for the guy. Nobunaga goes about rallying support through speeches through loudspeakers. At least one character in this series isn’t doubting anything. He’s got too big an ego for that.

People had doubts about using Nobunaga from the start.
People had doubts about using Nobunaga from the start.

A split story in Nobunagun 10. The first half is Granny’s story about how she got to be the leader of Dogoo in the first place, which requires grabbing a gene here and then through time and going back into hibernation, until she gets sick of that (I couldn’t make out the reason), only to return when she’s an old lady. Fine and dandy, but if Dogoo is such a sophisticated, advanced and timeless organization, why didn’t they go out and destroy the damn meteor before it ever landed on Earth? They had hundreds of years to do just that. The second half of the story involves that damn “battleship” thing guarding the tunnel, and Sio’s gene-inspired insight that tells her (and Dogoo) what the aliens are really plotting. I think it’s more interesting for the way Jack treats her nowadays. He’s as unpleasant as ever, however, he’s realized that Sio’s a visionary warrior and is the first one of that dysfunctional organization to call for her advice. And when she manages to get her opinion heard, he’s grinning. Must be their egenes, both bloodthirsty types.

Kill la Kill 22 rescues this post by giving us twenty-four minutes full of … what was the word again?

Oh, incomprehensible.  That's right.  Thanks.
Oh, incomprehensible. That’s right. Thanks.

Okay, it wasn’t really incomprehensible. It was a mostly straightforward episode where the two opposing sides bond a little, take care of some minor things, and plan their strategy for the final two episodes. And there’s a complication right at the end, but Mako’s on the job! No worries there. In terms of incomprehensible bits, the only one that made me scratch my head was Mako’s dramatic reappearance from the sky, in that white box. Was she gone? When? What’s that box supposed to be? But it’s swept away by her appearance in what I think is her cutest outfit. Kill la Kill has a tendency to make your qualms about this or that plot point vanish by showing you something amazing.

Some things take longer than others.
Some things take longer than others.

Besides, who cares? I can barely remember what the Life Fibers’ ultimate plan entails, something about covering the Earth. All I know is that the four devas, Nudist Beach, and Mako have to destroy a transmitter and there’s a huge men’s suit blocking them, meanwhile Ryuuko and Satsuki are off to stop Ragyo. Both will involve a lot of fighting and shouting and will be great to watch. The fact that Ragyo’s their mom, and that they’re sisters, well, they do get a mention, but only in superficial, comic terms, and to allow us to see Ryuuko get all tsundere with Satsuki. Of the other personal things the most important was getting Ryuuko and Satsuki on the same page, involving a slugging contest that wasn’t, and the consideration of the disorderly “incomprehensible fools” who not only keep Ryuuko going, but Satsuki. But after the satisfying and rather gross defeat of Nui early in the episode, we didn’t have a lot of fighting. I believe the next two episodes will more than make up for that.

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