Sidonia 4, Mekaku 3, M3 2

Knights of Sidonia 4 is just amazing. It’s loaded with action, carnage, and hard decisions, which is why the episode is called “Choice,” I suppose.

Screenshots can't capture the disaster well, so here's a cheerful moment after.
Screenshots can’t capture the disaster well, so here’s a cheerful aftermath picture.

First, we have the aftermath of Akai’s squad being killed by the gauna, well, we actually watch it again during the intro. They fire another big pill at it, but this particular beastie has some new tricks up its sleeve, evades it, and heads straight for Sidonia, so Kobayashi makes Hard Decision #1 and orders evasive action. The next couple of minutes, where everything in the ship undergoes violent, extended shifts of gravity, is rendered so well that it’s both difficult to watch, yet fascinating. The endless screaming was the perfect, macabre touch.

Damn, that critter's full of surprises.
Damn, that critter’s full of surprises.

So it’s a rotten day in Sidonia history already, but it’s looking to get worse when it becomes clear that the gauna is shifting to make another head-on attack. All available pilots are sent out, and Nagate is sent with Shizuka, Kunato, and, er, some other guy, to retrieve the Kabizashi. Why those four are chosen for what seems to be a simple retrieval job isn’t known. But off they go, Nagate locating the kabizashi but Kunata (the asshole) grabbing it first, etc, sort of a breather after what we’ve already seen. But then the gauna changes its mind and decides to go after the retrieval team. I guess the story’s going to follow Nagate whether he wants it to or not.


The monster whips out a NEW weapon, a particle beam thing, and I’m wondering if it didn’t learn something from the humans it absorbed earlier. Afterwards, only Nagate’s robot is functional, and it’s here that he makes the show’s Hard Choice #2 (#3 comes at the end and may leave our hero and Shizuka adrift forever). The fight is vivid, and the direction makes it clear and more intense by the minute, while the soundtrack practically screams with computer sounds and orchestra blasts. The entire scene is magnificent. After it was over and my heart settled down I began to wonder if maybe the disasterous evasion tactic was necessary when there were so many fighters ready to go, but I have hindsight. I wonder if they’ll get to that thought. Well, it did give us a fantastic episode. Next week looks to be quieter. That’s okay; I think the characters (and the people animating them) deserve one.


Mekaku City Actors 3 decides to spill the beans, and so the series feels a bit less lackluster now. Momo meets Kido, who has the exact opposite ability from her: she can be invisible. After a scary introduction Momo quite rightly faints, and wakes up at their headquarters where she meets others with powers when their eyes turn red. The usual Shaft looniness can’t hide a rather dull infodump, and if I was Momo I’d be running away as quick as I could, but I guess she wants an answer to her powers. Thanks to Marry’s adorably clumsy efforts to serve tea they go off to get Momo a new cellphone, and the story gets a little ridiculous when they wind up in the same mall that Shintarou’s at, and, would you believe it, Shintarou’s her brother. Their efforts to rescue the hostages from ep1 looks great, but I have no idea what any of them actually did. They pushed stuff over, Momo started running, and, er, stuff happened. Not a great episode by any measure, but maybe now that the intro stuff is out of the way they can do something more interesting.

Dreamscape, or memory.  Not sure which.
Dreamscape, or memory. Not sure which.

Meanwhile, M3 is turning into a mess after only two episodes. We are rudely introduced to another kid, Heito, as he escapes from wherever he was, rather easily I might add. Considering his bloodlust you’d think they’d have extra security on him. Then we switch back to our team, where Emiru is still after Akashi, who seems to have gone total asshole on her. Meanwhile Mahmu fantasizes about their demise, which comes back to bite her when her first victim, the sadistic drill sargeant, gets killed by a beastie. Then Heito shows up and drags Emiru and Mahmu into an abandoned hospital where they just happen to keep a big robot, called Argent. Just like wherever Heito escaped from, there is no security at all, even though the organization is monitoring every moment. Did they even know that Heito escaped? Anyway, he climbs into it and gets an unpleasant flashback. Later Akashi climbs into it and has his own flashback, but he stays in control, so you know who the boss is. It’s making less sense by the minute.

5 thoughts on “Sidonia 4, Mekaku 3, M3 2

  1. If you remember, back in episode 1 of Knights of Sidonia, the top three scores on the Type 18 simulators at the academy belonged to Kunato Norio, Hoshijiro Shizuka, and Honoka En. Guess who Tanikaze’s teammates were for this week’s mission? 😛

    As for who Honoka En is, you know those identical pink-haired clone girls who keep showing up all over the place? Those are the Honokas. Since they’re voiced by the lady who sings the ED, I think we can expect at least one or two of them to become plot-relevant at some point.

    1. Okay, so they got the four most talented pilots together … and took them away from where the gauna was heading, to retrieve a weapon. THAT’S what confused me.

      I read a few too many character descriptions in wikipedia and so I know that those sisters exist, and spotted them in a group in the previous episode. I didn’t know that the other one was part of the retrieval team. Thanks! Looking forward to seeing more of them. A group of pink-haired clone-girls is welcome in any SF series.

      1. The four most talented pilots? Actually its the four most talented TRANEES. In terms of experience of piloting the other pilots at the defence wall still outweighs those 4.

      2. Heh! I figured it out! That’s a good point. Though since none of the experienced pilots have seen any actual combat, I still wonder at the choice.

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