Wixoss 8, Ping Pong 7, M3 4-5

Selector Infected WIXOSS 8 throws a lovely little twist in at the end (spoilers).

Don't go through that dooooorrr!
Don’t go through that dooooorrr!

The show has done a terrific job at laying out just enough mystery to keep us interested, and deepening it when it’s the proper time. Maybe I should have figured out that Eternal Girls become Lrigs for the next girl–I wondered in the back of my head where they come from, but they make it more complicated than a cruel trick. It looks like Yuzuki was getting her wish, having her brother attracted to her, so it’s not like the cake was a lie, but that you have to give part of yourself up for that cake. Perhaps like how she gave up on Ruuko’s friendship and the well-wishes of her friends (not to mention Kazuki’s. If there’s a victim here, it’s him). There’s also the coincidence that she appears in Hitoe’s new deck. What are the odds of that? Is it by design? If so, why? Maybe she secretly wished for Hitoe to be given another chance? Nah. But, as I said, another mystery to be figured out.


The rest of the episode wasn’t terribly interesting; it was pretty much Yuzuki’s story this week. Ruuko tries to stay away from the game and is succeeding so far. Akira pulls a knife on Ruuko and Yuzuki but the cops show up. I hope the show doesn’t forget that it has a mad stalker on the loose to use if they need one. Probably not. I was afraid that the show was going to forget Hitoe but now she’s right back in it, even though we were led to believe that she would not get a second chance, either a fault of the show or they’re planning more twists for later. As for the fate of the Selectors, it’s too soon to tell yet whether getting your wish is entirely good or bad.

Ping Pong 7 has everyone slowing finding what they need, except for maybe Kazama, who is oblivious that people are gunning for him.


Mostly what Tsukimoto needs is a father figure. We learn why he was sitting all alone with that cake last week. His mother works nights. After a rough start where Koizumi agrees to let Kazama try and recruit him, he gets the idea and tries to get friendlier with the lad, well, as friendly as Tsukimoto is going to let anyone get. It seems to be working. Tsukimoto won’t admit, but he wants a character like Butterfly Joe in is life. Meanwhile, Peco is working inexplicably hard at his own game, also inexplicably getting accepted into a national school. I’m still not sure why he turned around. We also see him wearing a knee brace, and we hearken back to what Joe said about that one opponent friend he couldn’t bring himself to beat, rather like Tsumiki and Peco. I’d say this is foreshadowing, but the series is usually too subtle for something that obvious.

Sanada's first attempt at Yurie goes well.
Sanada’s first attempt at Yurie goes well.

Kong is working hard too, with a robot that can simulate Kazama’s moves. It’s been fun to see him fit in and work well with his, er, students. Just as it’s nice to see that guy with the hair get along with Tsukimoto for a change. Kong is gunning for Kazama. At the same time, one of Kazama’s teammates, Sanada, is doing the same thing, but he’s aiming for the girlfriend, Yurie. While Kazama isn’t an unsympathetic character, we won’t see any tears shed if Sanada takes her away. He’s pretty much driving her away. All in all, an episode where nothing big happens but little things do every minute.

I finished my previous post and shouted “hurrah, I’m caught up,” and then I realized I was two episodes behind M3: Sono Kuroki Hagane, and I gave a little curse. I should add that when I forget completely about a series it’s a sign that I really should drop it. But it hasn’t been bad enough yet, just kind of dumb.


The dumbness of episode 4 has to do with the kids being dumped on a tropical island for survival training, the survival part having to do with Heito, the homicidal maniac, already being dumped there. So I expected an episode of slow terror as the kids get slaughtered one by one … Instead we get a bunch of dumbasses walking around in the rain. Whatever terror they generate doesn’t get a rise out of me, because Heito doesn’t show up until they’ve gathered and able to defend themselves. Well, apart from the end, and THAT business between Heito and Emiru will have to wait until next time. This lack of terror ruined any sense of salvation I should have felt when their past lives selves show up (figuratively) and guide them together. A shame, because those scenes where they follow themselves, so to speak, no knowing that they’re doing it, could have been a lovely moment. Well, it was still a nice one.

I like to think she's actually rolling her eyes at him at this moment.
I like to think she’s actually rolling her eyes at him at this moment.

Things get more ridiculous in episode 5. Rather than the continuation of pond scene, we’re thrown back to the classroom, where everyone is grumbling about who they bonded with, or didn’t bond with. Emiru gets the unhappiest pick with Heito. It’s bad enough that he’s a homicidal maniac, but he’s a smirking, giggling one to boot, which means she has to put up with that laugh of his for as long as he or she lasts. That might not be long. She has managed to hide the fact that she’s been turning into an admonition for some time. Her skin is turning into that dark rust, and no one at that sophisticated high-tech base seems to have noticed, apart from her delighted, giggling partner. On the latest training mission I’m happy to report that she lets it all hang out, and now everyone is battling Emiru, or trying to get her settled down, while Heito laughs a lot (as does that longhair guy in glasses). I said happy, because maybe we can get this situation resolved and move on, or at least get Heito out of there. He drives me up the wall.

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